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Punk’d: Cybersex Mistake

June 18, 2008

Am I getting Punk’d

Youtube is Hilarious. Absolutely Hilarious.

Some were offended by the last Punk’d video, that’s why they are called Punk’d because I am amazed that this stuff is out there.


Punk’d: Obama is a Mack Daddy

June 14, 2008

Am I getting Punk’d:

Here are the remixes to Pastor Manning and his idiotic statements. The sad part of all this is that this man claims to be a man of God. A man of God spewing such hate and divisive language, that contradicts everything true Christians stand for.

Pastor Manning please YOU FAIL!

Punk’d: MC Hammer Poppin his Collar

June 11, 2008

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Punk’d: My Pu55y is Magic

June 6, 2008

Am I Getting Punk’d:
So I’m surfing the net and I find this random video. WTF is going on, like this has over 100,000 views. If you’re looking for a good laugh just click the link!

Punk’d: Strippers blow up Jermaine Dupri and other rappers for being cheap

May 31, 2008

Am I being punk’d!
Ummm I’m not sure what to say about this one! In the words of “the dream” “you should tip her, you should tip her”! LOL LMAO


Punk’d: Dumb Robber Attempts to Rob Bank in Front of Police

May 31, 2008

Am I getting Punk’d
Hmmm Is there an idiot award…… If so this dude definitely gets it!