Notes of this Native Son is your guide to healthy dialogue about Spirituality, Politics, Music, and everything else that flows in the veins of our people. This site is updated on a regular basis, largely the thoughts come from Cedric Shine who is also a writer for Avenue Report Magazine. However, there will also be guest bloggers giving their insight on an array of topics that are crucial to the betterment of us all.

Be sure to check out the Pardon me messages early in the morning, Monday through Friday for some spiritual food. Peace and Love!


10 Responses to “About”

  1. CLC Says:

    Looking forward to the fulfillment of your continued self-expression. Everyone can’t go where you are going. And everyone isn’t invited. Thanks for the invitation, SS.

  2. Carmen Says:

    I enjoy your daily “Pardon Me’s” You are reaching people everyday and inspiring others through your experiences that you share. Thank you for being so open, you may never know whom is benefiting from your daily scriptures.

  3. Rab Says:

    Thanks for your words. I will lookforward to fellowship with you daily through this site.

  4. Zyin Says:

    We have a client that is coming out with a Faith Based and Inspirational magazine. I think you may be a very good fit with what they are doing.
    Also the magazines are free publications. I would like to see your interest in contributing.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. 35% Off..... Says:

    I am new to this blog and I can digg it on so many levels so thanks.


  6. sbrooke Says:

    I like this a lot. How do I subscribe?


  7. RB Says:


    What’s up?

    Listen your site is Cool and Well-written. I’ll be sure to visit more often.

    As it relates to the “National Urban Blogosphere Network”, that was just a publicized thought in hopes that someone mainly the people whom I mentioned in that post would perk up their ears, see the need and get moving.

    Know what I mean?

    My cup is full so I just can’t do it right now.


    If you think that its not just a good idea but a Necessary Concept then either:

    1) Send an e-mail to Sandra Rose, Ed Dunn of dreamandhustle and Omar Wasow alerting them of such a need within the Urban Blogosphere.

    2) You can spearhead the movement yourself.

    I don’t care who does it as long as someone does.

    RB @ VoteMeCool 2008 Blog

  8. RB Says:


    How do I subscribe to your Blog?

  9. nativenotes Says:

    thanks! I think you just click the orange feeder button at the top. I need to become a little more tech savvy as I see you have alot of different links on the blog that allow people to subscribe.

  10. Chris Instrument Says:

    Greetings, I’m a DJ and record collector from DC. Here’s my latest project, “Places Everyone”. Includes an unreleased song from ATCQ and a very rare Black Thought freestyle recorded at Jay Dee’s apartment on New Year’s Eve. Please feel free to share and post this. Thanks for listening.





    1. DJ Alibi- One Day
    2. Breakestra- How Do You Really Feel (Cut Chemist Edit)
    3. Sound Directions- Forty Days
    4. RJD2- Chicken Bone Circuit
    5. KMD- Black Bastards and Bitches
    6. Spacek- Eve (J Dilla Remix)
    7. The RZA- Can’t It Be So Simple
    8. Darondo- Didn’t I
    9. Maker- Broken
    10. The Soultors- Stone Cold
    11. Malcolm Catto and the Keystones- Attack of the Killer Penguins
    12. Bronx River Parkway- La Valla
    13. Spanky Wilson and the Quantic Soul Orchestra- I’m Thankful
    14. The Bamboos- Tighten Up
    15. Lefties Soul Connection- Organ Donor
    16. The Pharcyde- I’m That Type of Nigga
    17. Red Astaire- Cop That Red
    18. Red Astaire- Hazlo Correcto
    19. Bozo Meko- Spread Love
    20. J-Live- Set It Straight
    21. Chris Instrument and Mr. Magic Discuss Artistic Integrity
    22. Suite for James
    23. Ann Peebles- I Can’t Stand The Rain
    24. J Rawls- A Tribute to the Beatnuts
    25. The Roots- New Year’s Eve at Jay Dee’s
    26. A Tribe Called Quest- Mr. Incognito

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