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Supreme Court says NO to Death Penalty on Child Rape

June 25, 2008


Scumbag who Raped woman for 19 hours was found GUILTY

June 25, 2008

This is the ending of the horrific story that took place at a Columbia University grad student’s apartment where the woman was raped and tortured for over 19 hours. The details are described in the fox news report below but it’s apparent that some people are sick and truly un-human.

This man made the woman gouge her own eyes with scissors, threw bleach at her eyes to blind her and continuously raped and sodomized this woman. He then torched her apartment and left the woman there for dead.

I do not feel sorry for what this man will soon experience while in jail. More than likely he will receive a life sentence because he has a clear criminal history. Having already served 8 years for attempted murder i highly doubt the judge will take it easy on him at sentencing.

The criminal justice system is not completely off the hook. We need a prison system that really does rehabilitate criminals and not just serve as holding cells until people get out and often strike again. I’m not sure how we would do that honestly, I am not sure what type of programs we could institute that could break down the walls of some of these men and women and their sadistic acts.

I am glad the man was found guilty, I know in no way does this replenish the part of this woman’s spirit that was lost through this ordeal but at least she does not have to be raped again by the criminal justice system as other woman have been. For evidence of that read: Treat Her Like A Prostitute.

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Fox News:,2933,371121,00.html

Don Imus: Mr. Racist Strikes Again

June 23, 2008

Ummm Imus strikes again. WTF!

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Less than 15 months after losing his gig on WFAN and MSNBC for making racially charged comments regarding the Rutgers women’s basketball team, radio icon Don Imus has danced dangerously close to, and arguably over, the line again.

On Monday, Imus had the following exchange with Warner Wolf:

Wolf:  “Defensive back Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones, recently signed by the Cowboys.  Here’s a guy suspended all of 2007 following a shooting in a Vegas night club.”

Imus:  “Well, stuff happens.  You’re in a night club, for God’s sake.  What do you think’s gonna happen in a night club?  People are drinking, they’re doing drugs.  There are women there, and people have guns.  So, there, go ahead.”

Wolf:  “He’s also been arrested six times since being drafted by Tennessee in 2005.”

Imus:  “What color is he?”

Wolf:  “He’s African-American.”

Imus:  “Well, there you go.  Now we know.”

Last time around, the comments represented a partial effort at humor.  This time around, it was a matter-of-fact statement, with no chuckles, yuks, tee-hees, or ha’s.  As we see it, if the comment wasn’t overtly and blatantly racist, then what the hell was it?

Maybe we’re wrong on this one.  Even so, it was nothing short of stoopid to fly so close to the flame that already burned him once.

Cuban Drama for Obama

June 23, 2008

Do you remember Elian Gonzalez? He was the young boy who came here from Cuba with his mother and his mother’s boyfriend. However most of the people on the small aluminum boat they were traveling on died on their way to the United States. Two young boys then ended up on the shores of Florida via an inner tube and were turned over to the U.S Coast Guard. A nasty fight ensued between both sides of the family which resulted in the little boy going back to Cuba to be with his biological father.

You’re thinking like me, what in the world does this have to do with Obama. Well apparently his Uncle is holding some of Barack’s associates responsible. One of which is Eric Holder who is now helping Obama pick a running mate, he was under Janet Reno when she ordered Elian’s return to his father in Cuba. Gregory Craig was Elian’s father’s lawyer who helped him get his son back.

While I was watching CNN, the family’s spokesperson was speaking to a group of Cuban supporters misinterpreting Obama’s stance on Cuba. Apparrently Elian has beocme a member of the Young Communist Union, and many Cubans blame a host of individuals for his return to Cuba and two of them are Obama’s advisers.

I just ask, when does it all end. People are so focused on media attention and because Barack is what’s hot in the news right now all types of nonsense gets attached to him. My question is why don’t these supporters go  make statements about the U.S. Supreme Court who refused to hear their case. Or the countless other courts who denied them. Instead they come after Obama, for future reference please attack the NEXT President with substantiative issues and not mere propaganda which seeks to alienate more voters. Thanks. YES WE CAN SI SE PUEDE!

Teenage Girls Pact to Get Pregnant: Beat Yo Damn Kids

June 20, 2008

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Grandma Jailed: Beat Yo Damn Kids

June 20, 2008

As you will read in the story below a grandmother was jailed for beating her 16 year old grandaughter who she caught having sex with another female. Let me say this again, the grandmother was jailed for beating her daughter who she caught having sex in her home that she pays the bills for.

Child Protective Services may close the blog down today because I say “BEAT THAT CHILD!” I’m 24 years old and if I get caught tomorrow having sex in my mother’s house, there will be hell to pay. Once again I am 24 years old however I have enough respect and I know better than to try and have sex in my parent’s home. I know the consequences, my mother wouldn’t play that at all.

More people need to beat their disrespectful kids, I do not agree with excessive beating but in my day I was beat with switches, extension cords, rulers. My parents picked up whatever was in hands distance. I never ended up in the hospital and I also learned valuable lessons, respect and the difference between right and wrong. The problem today is people don’t beat their kids. It’s not politically correct, hence we have rising incarceration rates because children are going out committing stupid crimes because they do not know any better.


Reading woman jailed in beating of granddaughter, 16

By Jason A. Kahl
Reading Eagle

Reading, PA – A 61-year-old city woman was arrested by Reading police for beating her granddaughter with a cane and belt after finding the girl in bed with another female teenager from the neighborhood, investigators said Saturday.

Joyce Y. Beddell of the 600 block of North Front Street was committed to Berks County Prison in lieu of $10,000 bail after arraignment before Senior District Judge Richard Gatti. Reading police charged Beddell with aggravated and simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and endangering the welfare of a child.

Beddell’s 16-year-old granddaughter suffered serious bruises to her legs and buttocks during the assault, which occurred Thursday about 5 p.m. in the residence they shared, police said.

Beddell beat the teenager with her cane until it broke, police said.

The girl’s name was not released by police, who said she was in severe pain and was treated in Reading Hospital for unspecified injuries.

Investigators gave this account:

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The granddaughter had just finished having sex with another 16-year-old girl and was in an upstairs bedroom. Beddell walked in and found them together.

The neighborhood girl ran out of the house to her nearby home while Beddell was beating her granddaughter with the cane.

Neighbors said they saw Beddell leave the house a short time later. She was accompanied by her limping granddaughter. The two of them went to the other girl’s house to tell her mother what they had been doing.

Beddell returned to her home with her granddaughter and continued to beat her with a belt. Police were called to the house to investigate a report of child abuse.

The girl had noticeable injuries to her legs, and police took her to the hospital.

Beddell told police that she had done nothing wrong and said she should have been allowed to discipline her granddaughter as she saw fit.

Charlie Sheen The Real Nigger

June 19, 2008

You’re a f*cking liar. So, you know what it’s like, f*ck you. Okay, I hope you rot in f*cking hell. You’re a piece of sh*t f*cking liar and I hope you f*cking rot in hell. So f*ck you. I hope I never f*cking talk to you again you f*cking c*nt. F*ck you. You’re a coward and a liar and a f*cking nigger alright, so f*ck you. – Charlie Shee

Now His apology:

“I deeply apologize by my choice of words to all I have obviously offended; especially to Tony Todd, an African-American, who was my best man at my first two weddings. And for the record, my children did not show up today for a custodial visit without explanation. So three and one-half years later, the reasons that caused the anger and frustration displayed on that voice mail continue to be manifested on a daily basis.”  – Charlie Sheen

This is Good Ole Charlie talking to his very white ex girlfriend. With the internet you have absolutely no privacy. The bigger issue here is his rage towards this woman he was supposed to love. Sounds like poor Charlie needs some counseling, and he needs to learn how to respect women, no matter what their color.

As far as all the people who will come after Charlie Sheen SAVE IT! You really do not know what people say behind closed doors and we need to stop allowing terms to rile us up. The word nigger is by no means indicative of being black people, it is by no means representative of blacks and the great culture that we represent.

When I was growing up the term nigger was in the dictionary and the definition was lazy and ignorant. Now I look at the definition and it has morphed into a contemptuous terms for black people. Why is this, to me the word still means lazy and ignorant and I will not take ownership of a term that is moreso used to create a sense of inferiority amongst people in this country who are disenfranchised.

For a deeper look into the word nigger read below.

What it means to be a NIGGER

A few weeks back as I sat and watched the red carpet section of the Grammy’s I saw my fellow Virgo grace the camera with his wife donning a t-shirt that said “NIGGER”. Wait a minute rewind that back, I saw Nasir Jones better known as “Nas” and a group of supporters of different ethnicities in “NIGGER” Fashion. This is clearly a sign that the times have changed, television has become so liberal, when I was a child they would have blurred out the image at minimum to say the least. Nas was interviewed about his “message”, there were no censors over the word and things went relatively normal. I mentioned earlier that Nas is a Virgo because they are the thinkers of the zodiac and very strategic in their movements, so maybe Nas is titling his album NIGGER and grappling after the publicity that it is causing so that we can have intelligent discourses like the one we are about to have.

Wait one second, before you lose interest in fear that I am about take you on a historical voyage enduring the plight of black people and the socialization of the term Nigger and how we need to accept it to empower ourselves, I promise you I will not. This is not the typical discussion of whether this is a term of endearment or mental slavery. But to understand what the concept of the term nigger we must first look to one of the great writers of the Harlem Renaissance, James Baldwin.

Baldwin says, “What white people have to do is try to find out in their own hearts why it was necessary to have a nigger in the first place. Because I’m not a nigger, I’m a man! But if you think I’m a nigger it means you need it. If I’m not the nigger here and you, the white people invented him then you’ve got to find out why?”

Baldwin paints us such a vivid picture when he speaks about the system needing a nigger. You see the term nigger is about an institutionalized inferiority complex. The system, those proponents of white supremacy need a nigger to belittle, they need a nigger to make themselves feel better than another group of people because they lack self-esteem. The nigger is needed in order to perpetuate systems of control, a hierarchy within this great land from sea to shining sea. Unfortunately today the term nigger has become synonymous with black people. However this is not the case, this is not the fate of black people; this has been the position of various ethnic groups in America. I will chronicle the stories of three niggers who have been bastardized by a system of oppression and blatant racism in this country without ever painting the picture of a black face!

If you are of Middle Eastern decent, or even look like you could possibly be of the Islamic faith after 9/11, I regret to inform you but the United States has declared you a NIGGER! Your rights were stripped from you; you became the victims of police brutality, random search and seizures, and you are always pulled aside at the airport for more questioning. Why is this; because you fit the “description”, you look suspicious? But none of this is true; it is merely the pigment of your skin and the religious affiliation that you are suspected of practicing which garners you such attention. You watch your faith and belief system ridiculed daily on television, you have become the butt of all jokes. You’re fearful when your children go to school because other children will torment them; forgive them for they know not what they do. You came to this country with hopes of reaching the American dream however you are now living the American Nightmare! The ultimate insult is no longer to be black but it is to be Muslim. Your beautiful, peaceful culture has been tainted by slander; you are now judged by the few who make it tough for the many. Welcome!

Rewind the clocks back before the Civil Rights Era, after the Red Scare, where if you were communist you were a nigger. No, I am speaking of World War II, a defining moment in this country’s history where we joined forces with our allies overseas and toppled the Axis Powers who viciously slaughtered those of the Jewish faith and anyone else in their quest for world domination. Let us look into our backyard at today’s most successful minority, looked upon as intelligent, reserved, model citizens of this great nation; the Asian. Yes in 1942 here in America the Japanese were considered NIGGERS! Stripped of their land, businesses, and personal possessions, some 120,000 Japanese Americans were forced into relocation centers into the interior lands of this country. Placed in prison camps with little to no food to eat and cramped living quarters for large families were just some of the conditions the Japanese had to experience. Propaganda spread through the media about the “Japs” as they were called, “good riddance to the spy’s and traitors”. These were some of the messages about the people who had only a few years prior been trying to assimilate into American culture. They too were in search of the roads paved of gold people from other countries associate with our great America. White farmers benefited with the Japanese farmers gone, they were then able to take over their profit share and make more revenue for themselves. Even the Supreme Court of the United States permitted this racist behavior holding that this exclusion did not violate the constitution arguing “it is permissible to curtail the civil rights of a racial group when there is a “pressing public necessity.” So much for Justice!

Who discovered America? Oh yes I remember we have a beautiful holiday in this country named after none other than America’s most beautiful thief, rapist, and oppressor among other names. Yes I am speaking of Columbus, when we discuss the concept of the nigger we have to speak about our beloved Columbus. You see the Indian; wait a minute what am I saying, Native American is the correct term because this is their native land. When we think of all the horrific things done to black people during chattel slavery our bodies quiver with fear. However, we forget that the Native American watched his woman be raped, and his family die from sickness brought by the Europeans. He watched his people become addicted to substances, his name was changed, and not just his name but also his ethnicity. To this day we call Native Americans Indians because of a mistake that an idiot made. We keep this mistake going forth, Native Americans call themselves Indians even; similar to how African Americans call themselves Nigger, they have embraced the term. Last but certainly not least the Native American was robbed of his land and certainly his culture. The history that they created prior to imperialism has long been erased and they are forced to live on reservations of land and lay dependent on the powers that be. America’s first experimentation with this Nigger concept was and is still in fact the Native American!

So many Niggers over the years, and I use this term loosely for this piece in hopes to articulate the construction of an underclass. That is what it is to be a nigger. Similar to the Untouchables in India, the term nigger is rooted in not only a need for superiority but a mindset entrenched in socio-economic slavery. The ability to legally strip people of the inalienable rights that our Constitution provides for them speaks not only to a power struggle but a constant reminder of who the boss is and what can happen if the system was ever to be questioned. The term Nigger, the concentration camps, the nooses, all of these symbols are objectifiable and measurable elements of what it means to be inferior but deeper than inferiority one must know their place. You see in 2050 the white majority will actually be the minority yet they need not worry because the hegemony and institutionalized racism have made all of the niggers fearful and afraid to jolt the status quo. Nigger is a term of fear; it’s a bastardizing moment in an ethnicities history that emotionally, physically, and mentally scars the people. This fear that is instilled takes over the mind yet keeps the body, the nigger is still used for their talents but their mind will never forget that moment and how much they never want to experience such a moment again.

Malcolm X once said “If you are a citizen, why do you have to fight for your civil rights, if you’re fighting for your civil rights that means you’re not a citizen”. Niggers are not citizens, at least for the time in which they are apart of the social construct of the term. That is why the Supreme Court allowed the Japanese to be placed in internment camps, that is why we allow our media and public officials of the law to bastardize the Islamic faith. That is why Native Americans are still relegated to plots of land on reservations in a country that they once owned and were illegally dispossessed of this land. So next time you hear the term NIGGER, or you go out and purchase the upcoming album NIGGER by Nas, be aware that this term has nothing to do with a specific group of people and more to do with a concept of how to control different groups of people. How to make one fearful, and how to make another group feel superior thus always limiting the power of one and expanding upon the power of the other.

Al Sharpton Facing More Scrutiny

June 16, 2008

June 15, 2008 — Anheuser-Busch gave him six figures, Colgate-Palmolive shelled out $50,000 and Macy’s and Pfizer have contributed thousands to the Rev. Al Sharpton’s charity.

Almost 50 companies – including PepsiCo, General Motors, Wal-Mart, FedEx, Continental Airlines, Johnson & Johnson and Chase – and some labor unions sponsored Sharpton’s National Action Network annual conference in April.

Terrified of negative publicity, fearful of a consumer boycott or eager to make nice with the civil-rights activist, CEOs write checks, critics say, to NAN and Sharpton – who brandishes the buying power of African-American consumers. In some cases, they hire him as a consultant.

The cash flows even as the US Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn has been conducting a grand-jury investigation of NAN’s finances.

A General Motors spokesman told The Post that NAN had repeatedly – and unsuccessfully – asked for contributions for six years, beginning in August 2000.

Then, in December 2006, Sharpton threatened to call a boycott of the carmaker over the closing of an African-American-owned GM dealership in The Bronx, and he picketed outside GM headquarters on Fifth Avenue.

Last year, General Motors gave NAN a $5,000 donation. It gave $5,000 more this year, a spokesman said, calling NAN a “worthy” organization.

In November 2003, Sharpton picketed DaimlerChrysler’s Chicago car show and threatened a boycott over alleged racial bias in car loans.

“This is institutional racism,” he bellowed.

In May 2004, Chrysler began supporting NAN’s conferences, which include panels on corporate responsibility and civil rights and a black-tie awards dinner to honor Martin Luther King Jr. Last year, Sharpton gave Chrysler an award for corporate excellence.

In 2003, Sharpton targeted American Honda for not hiring enough African-Americans in management.

“We support those that support us,” wrote Sharpton and the Rev. Horace Sheffield III, president of NAN’s Michigan chapter, in a letter to American Honda. “We cannot be silent while African-Americans spend hard-earned dollars with a company that does not hire, promote or do business with us in a statistically significant manner.”

Two months after American Honda execs met with Sharpton, the carmaker began to sponsor NAN’s events – and continues to pay “a modest amount” each year, a spokesman said.

Courtesy of the NY Post

Flooding in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

June 14, 2008

This is not a picture of Venice, this is Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Over 3000 families had to be evacuated because of this enormous flood. Let us say a prayer for these families that they able to reclaim their lives and belongings!

NY Daily News Exposes NYPD’s Excessive Use of Force

June 14, 2008

Interesting analysis on Police Use of Force by the NYPD. I will be teaching a lesson to 8th graders about the use of force; when it is necessary and when it is excessive this upcoming Monday. For that reason I find it interesting that I found this article, maybe I will print it out for my students.

This article reminds me why we must never forget our fallen soldiers like Sean Bell and Amadou Diallo. It is because of the excessive practices of the NYPD that these two men are not here today. Just some quick facts cops are allowed to use physical force when they are making an arrest, when they fear that a suspect is trying to escape from custody and when they feeel physically threatened.

In the article below you will see scenarios that are the exact opposite of what I have described.

Cops use force – from restraint to drawn guns – in 20% of stops, data show


Saturday, June 14th 2008, 1:45 PM
About 20% of all stops made by the NYPD involved ‘use of force’ in 2006, the only year for which statistics are available. Listort for News

About 20% of all stops made by the NYPD involved ‘use of force’ in 2006, the only year for which statistics are available.

One in five New Yorkers stopped by police in 2006 encountered some use of force, from simple restraint to facing a drawn service weapon, a Daily News analysis of new data found.

In 102,000 of the more than 500,000 police stops – about 20% – cops did things such as restrained people, threw them to the ground or against a wall or pointed a gun at them, the newly released data show.

The NYPD has refused to release use-of-force data in previous and subsequent years.

In nine out of 10 police stops involving use of force in 2006, the suspects were not arrested.

“Force is liberally defined to include such things as placing the individual on a wall for a pat down, or on a car, or on the ground or handcuffing whether an arrest is made [or] not,” NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said.

The data make clear that cops appear to pull their weapons fairly frequently without making arrests, The News found.

About 2,700 police stops wound up with an officer pulling his weapon on a suspect, records show. Of those stops, only 553 ended with an arrest. That means in four out of five stops where a weapon was drawn, no arrest was made.

Until now, the NYPD has released only limited information on why, where and how its officers stop and question citizens suspected of unlawful activity. Use-of-force details have never been made public.

They surfaced in internal data the NYPD turned over to researchers at the University of Michigan. In recent days, researchers posted much of the information on the Web.

The use-of-force statistics offer a more detailed picture of the NYPD’s increased use of police stops to combat crime. Civil liberties groups concerned about illegal police stops have sued to obtain all the data.

“The data confirms our worst fears,” said Donna Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union. “The NYPD is stopping, interrogating and searching hundreds of thousands of innocent New Yorkers.”

In all police stops, the officer must have what’s called “probable cause” to legally stop and question a person. That usually means the cops have information about a subject, are investigating a crime nearby or witness suspicious behavior.

The data reveal a wide variety of reasons to justify a stop, ranging from suspected terrorism to rent gouging.

Terrorism was the reason given for stopping and questioning citizens in 301 cases in 2006. Only one of the “terrorism” stops resulted in an arrest.

The actual charge in that case remains a mystery – all arrest details were erased from the data.

The most common reason for stopping and questioning a citizen in 2006 was suspicion the person was carrying a weapon. That was the justification 114,000 times.

Other reasons were more unusual. Twice, for instance, “adultery” was offered as justification for a police stop. Once it was “rent gouging.”

The data also revealed that more than 2,000 senior citizens were stopped.