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Tired of Waiting for My Father

April 22, 2008

Today we have a piece that far too many black men can relate to from one of my favorite poets merged with a stunning photographer and artist; The Poet Nightday and Michael Wilson present Tired of Waiting for My Father. I hope you all enjoy!


Tired of waiting for my father

As I sit here on these steps waiting,
Eyes grow weak ,
Weak from tears that flow,
Flow for a perfect image lost.

Looking through a squint
Dreaming of a dead beat ready to become a man,
Fatigued from dreams becoming nightmares,
Drained from thoughts of lost promises.

Weary of lies spoken,
Falsehoods that make traps.
Body bushed from continues emotions stomped on
A rolling stone rolled over his son.

Finally understanding that this is the only option
To let go of the thought of a relationship,
Giving up unable to go on
The hope that was had fell from untamed skies.

Looking through these closed eyes
Closing is my only true escape,
Time to get up and move on
Its dark and I’m tired.

Tired of looking of down these streets
Waiting till the street lights come on
Finally realizing
That I am Tired of waiting for my Father.


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