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Leaving Meat Alone

May 12, 2008


For a long time I have been debating whether or not I should become a vegetarian. I started to think about it seriously last summer while reading Russell Simmons book “Do You”. He had a lot of knowledge in there discussing our health and how the food we eat affects our mental health and our spiritual being.

However, we become slaves to our desires and sometimes a quarter pounder with cheese and french fries tastes so gooooddd! But lately I have been thinking about what Russell Simmons was saying and also just about us treating our bodies like temples. If we consume a bunch of unhealthy foods now, it will show on us later on in life. Obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes; none of these are the look that I’m going for.

So last night I decided that I would become a vegetarian and give my body the attention it deserves. So on my fat boy tip I went to McDonald’s one last time and thought I was about to pig out. Hmmm the picture above shows my half eaten hamburger that was barely cooked. The meat was so red I wonder if they put it on the grill at all. I couldn’t even be mad, this was a sign that I was making the right choice. Even though quarter pounders with cheese feel great that doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Unprotected sex feels great too but it can KILL YOU!

I am not a meat hater, continue to enjoy your burgers and ribs. I however will be eating more soy products and seafood. This actually makes me a pescetarian, I just learned this word today. Peace and love!