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April 16, 2008


By Ma’at

Fuck this country so hard it bleeds the wealth and prosperity of your forefathers
Inseminate your mind with limitless understanding and watch your seeds grow
The revolution will not come easily but it will come
Over and over again until
New birth
A new age
This county was built with on the foundation of REVOLUTION!!!

Each framer more faced then the last
But at the core of their new country…..
“ We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility,…… and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity,”
Our being white male slave owners…..
Not there white wives
Not their male nigger slaves
And sure as hell not fucking me
I was good enough to rape
My security taken from me, after my husband was taken from me, my father taken from me, my children taken from me… he took the only thing he knew I still had that he could physically take

Surprise Mother fucker
My spirit is stronger than you can imagine
My back forged with the strength of generations of matriarchs, kings, queens, family, unity
You can not take my legacy
It runs through my veins, my children’s veins, my children’s children’s




April 15, 2008


written by the lovely Ma’at

Words mean nothing
Confined by the speaker

In Spoken form
Words Cause your ears to Bleed
They call you a Nigger
They deleted your past from your present through Spoken Word
Taught you to love his Word and forget your own
They took your language so you lost your power
Power to speak
Power to communicate
Power to grow as a people

In Written Form
Words are a weapon
Blinding light, truth, way
Don’t read!!!
Remain, Ignorant to our reality
Our reality as Black people in America
Black people in the world
Stricken with poverty, beaten, crippled
Our women raped of their womanhood
Our men raped of their manhood
Our children raped of their innocence

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery
the key to your freedom
Do not be a slave to your vocabulary

Where Black People Meet the LAW

April 14, 2008

Today’s piece is not written by myself. I came across this piece via a very inspiring young woman who is committed to bridging truth and words to make profound statements that speak to communities of color. I hope you enjoy, I know I did!


Where black people meet the law?
by Ma’at

Where black people meet the law?
Where a single mother gets evicted from her apartment…
Because Bill, Bob and Dick moved in upstairs
Mary, Jane, and Sue moved in downstairs
And now her property value rises too high for her meager earning

Where the long are of the law shoves a hollow gun against the temple of a black man while shouting

Where basketball player signs a contract that gives his lawyer 40% when Mr. Esq. knows he should only get 10%
Where a 6 year old boy watches his mother sue his father for child support
He stares into a strangers brown eyes and wonders how that face could look just like his
Where a PO meets the guilty till proven innocent…..
Until innocent become guilty
Less than
Three fifths of a person
3/5ths of the men in prison
Yall though when slavery ended we became more than 3/5ths?

I’ll tell you where we don’t meet
We don’t meet in Law School
In a world where knowledge of the law provide the tools through the confines of this so called “JUSTICE SYSTEM”
JUSTICE…it depends
Depends on who defends the rights you though you had
You don’t have shit…
You have what your lawyer knows (minus) your ignorance (minus) his ignorance (times) each previous charge
(Equals)… it depends

I walk into class my first day of class
The room filled with pink faces
Folks who see the world in black and white without the black
Issues in black and white, without the black
My blood pressure rises as a privileged woman raises her hand and implies that all black men who are not in suits are thugs
My brother is a thug…
My nephew is a thug……..
Where black people meet the law………

Where do black people meet the law?
In Us.. Law Students
Us… the privileged few with the knowledge to change

Inspire to rebuild that which has been done