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Grand Theft Auto IV Hookers

April 28, 2008

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Family raped and murdered little boy

April 21, 2008

Caution, the following video is extremely disturbing and will definitely make you extremely angry. I am not posting this video for kicks and giggles. Far too often do we sweep “taboos” under the rug in our society and people become victims of such crimes because of it. The news is depressing so we turn it off but maybe after watching this we will realize that not only do we need to turn it on. We need to be aware of the people in our communities; particularly sex offenders who have a habit of striking again. Having these types of dialogues may save a child’s life. Be safe and God Bless!

Misunderstood: A Hustler’s Tale

April 17, 2008



Misunderstood: A Hustler’s Tale

Driven by dreams of material things
Cant blame em; on TV that’s all he seen
Takes more than a reckless spirit
To build a crack empire
Learn the ways of the street fast
Or your life will soon expire
Fiends is clickin’ to what they got on 43rd
So you set up shop next to the woods on 45th
House in the cut you don’t want no shit

Takes more than a reckless spirit
To do what your doing
More like economics and trade agreements
In that language you’re fluent
If only Columbia or Harvard came to the hood
Maybe this young man wouldn’t be misunderstood
With these practices
You’d be a top CEO
But instead we’re relegated to the streets
It ain’t fun out here
Everybody’s packing heat

So you wholesale your product
So all the abusers come to you
Now their consumers
Are your customers
And everybody knows you
Business is good, assets and such
Be careful brother, don’t press ya luck
You got big dreams
To get ya family out the hood
Never was too flashy
But now your rims are what make you look good
Just some more attention
Before they wave ya ass goodbye
Coppers watching, enemies plottin’, snitches will end ya life

He coulda been bigger than John Rockefeller
Coulda taken his charisma
And used it for something better
The world judges you
For serving with hope with despair
The streets is watching
You cant sleep
This lovely crack house
Is surrounded by fiends
Your enemies creep with guns
With ambitions to blow holes in your dreams
Yet the cops pick you up
Putting football numbers behind this big dream
Too many keys to count
You’re on your way to the bing

Don’t get me wrong, they crooked too
You ain’t got no boats
To get all these drugs through
All them drugs they caught you with
Didn’t even make it to the precinct
They supply your competition
And our communities are still bleeding
Only if Penn State and Temple
Came to the hood
Maybe this young mans life
Wouldn’t be so misunderstood


Just my Thoughts

April 10, 2008

What are we teaching our children?

Below are two separate youtube videos showcasing how much we have failed our children of all races. We need to begin a dialogue about how to reclaim our youth and stop the senseless violence that goes on throughout this nation. Ironically, its hard to teach children that violence is not the way when they live in a country that attempts to “punk” every other country they have problems with. Just my thoughts!