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Father Pfleger Apologizes, Barack dissapointed

May 30, 2008

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Well real rap, I’m disapointed in Barack right now. Here is his quote “”That is why I am deeply disappointed in Father Pfleger’s divisive, backward-looking rhetoric, which doesn’t reflect the country I see or the desire of people across America to come together in common cause.”

Like Barack are you serious, do you not see the monkey t-shirts, do you not hear the backwards muslim rhetoric about you my brother. Do you not constantly see the racism and white privilege that exists in America. Just because I support you brother does not mean that I will allow you to lull me to sleep with this beautiful America, that across the country people who are campaigning for you are not being met with blatant racism.

We can never advance as Americans if we lie to ourselves, If you continue to make it look all peachy keen, how can we ever address the issues and provide plausible solutions. I realize that my vote alone will not get you elected my brother. However, neither will this appeasement of white voters and making them and us believe that their is not some truly divine hatred in this country for your presidency because you are black. My brother we both know better than this.

Father Pfleger, as a white man I am shocked that the media even bothered to condemn your comments, it is only because you are outwardly supporting a black candidate. I noticed that you said some, yes some, not all whites are racist and not all blacks are in jail. Stereotypes rip through our society and are given as false truths. However your portrayal of Clinton seems accurate to me, it’s accurate to the cartoonist who posted the picture below. They weren’t bastardized for their comments, so please do not apologize for speaking what is truth, far too long have we allowed ourselves both black and white to be lied too.

We will never progress if all we do is sweep our problems under the rug! Sounds to me like the same old Washington Politics with this one Barack, WE CAN DO BETTER. YES WE CAN SI SE PUEDE!




May 19, 2008

super barack

It’s sad when everybody sees the writing on the wall except the person who needs to see the writing on the wall. OBAMA 08!!!!!

Nas Changes Album title from Nigger to Nas

May 19, 2008


This Just in:

Nas changes controversial album title

May 19, 2008, 01:44 PM | by Simon Vozick-Levinson

Categories: Current Affairs, Music, Music Biz

A representative for Def Jam has confirmed to that hip-hop artist Nas has made an eleventh-hour decision to change the title of his new album from N—– to simply Nas. The Queens rapper sparked a heated debate last fall when he announced the provocative title for his upcoming ninth record, but last October, Island Def Jam Music Group chair Antonio “L.A.” Reid publicly denied widespread reports that label execs were uncomfortable with his decision. “We stand firmly behind and beside our artists with pride and with pleasure,” Reid told MTV News at the time. “Anything Nas wants to do, I completely stand beside him.”

But in an interview with MTV News last week, Nas suggested that he was facing renewed pressure: “Everybody is trying to stop the title…. Record stores are gonna have a problem in this day and time selling a record with that title. Who knows what’s gonna turn out and be on that title? Who knows what that title will be?” The politically-charged self-titled CD is due in stores July 1. For more of Nas’ thoughts on his new music, check EW’s summer music preview coverage in print on Friday.

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As Hov would say POLITICS AS USUAL

Hillary’s Downfall

May 10, 2008

When I first started watching this I thought it was funny. However this satire may have gone a little too far. You be the Judge.

Quote of the Day

April 22, 2008


If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress. – Barack Obama


Baracky: THE MOVIE

April 19, 2008

By no means am I a journalist, so you can expect that this site is very Pro – Obama. However, being a supporter of a particular presidential candidate does not mean that you take all of their words at face value. Following any leader aimlessly is a sure recipe for disaster, so while I am very much in support of Barack Obama, I am also very critical of him. I plan to hold him accountable now and when he is elected into the white House I will continue to be critical of him and his policies, making sure that he holds true to the promises he is making the American people. YES WE CAN

Where Black People Meet the LAW

April 14, 2008

Today’s piece is not written by myself. I came across this piece via a very inspiring young woman who is committed to bridging truth and words to make profound statements that speak to communities of color. I hope you enjoy, I know I did!


Where black people meet the law?
by Ma’at

Where black people meet the law?
Where a single mother gets evicted from her apartment…
Because Bill, Bob and Dick moved in upstairs
Mary, Jane, and Sue moved in downstairs
And now her property value rises too high for her meager earning

Where the long are of the law shoves a hollow gun against the temple of a black man while shouting

Where basketball player signs a contract that gives his lawyer 40% when Mr. Esq. knows he should only get 10%
Where a 6 year old boy watches his mother sue his father for child support
He stares into a strangers brown eyes and wonders how that face could look just like his
Where a PO meets the guilty till proven innocent…..
Until innocent become guilty
Less than
Three fifths of a person
3/5ths of the men in prison
Yall though when slavery ended we became more than 3/5ths?

I’ll tell you where we don’t meet
We don’t meet in Law School
In a world where knowledge of the law provide the tools through the confines of this so called “JUSTICE SYSTEM”
JUSTICE…it depends
Depends on who defends the rights you though you had
You don’t have shit…
You have what your lawyer knows (minus) your ignorance (minus) his ignorance (times) each previous charge
(Equals)… it depends

I walk into class my first day of class
The room filled with pink faces
Folks who see the world in black and white without the black
Issues in black and white, without the black
My blood pressure rises as a privileged woman raises her hand and implies that all black men who are not in suits are thugs
My brother is a thug…
My nephew is a thug……..
Where black people meet the law………

Where do black people meet the law?
In Us.. Law Students
Us… the privileged few with the knowledge to change

Inspire to rebuild that which has been done

Finally Barack Strikes back

April 14, 2008

Avenue Report Spring Issue is Here

April 3, 2008

If you are not familiar, I encourage you to get FAMILIAR with Avenue Report; the young professional man of color’s guide to business, health, fashion, music, and politics. I currently write a column for this Lifestyle magazine which specifically serves men of color. The column is titled “Real Talk” and it seeks to address an array of issues that affect our people and solutions on how to deal with fighting stereotypes, crime in our neighborhoods, and the stresses of growing up in a single parent home among other things. Please check below for an excerpt of Real Talk in this upcoming issue. For more information on how to subscribe and become a part of the AR Family, feel free to check out

Spring 2008 Cover.jpg


We see it glorified in old mob flicks, rap records hail it as the sin of all sins; the number one code of the streets; “don’t snitch”. LOYALTY, I understand the concept very well, but when does it border stupidity and become a cause in fact of the violence and destruction of our neighborhoods. The “Stop Snitching Campaign” was subliminally etched into our minds long before the celebrated t-shirts with stop signs and the word snitching embedded within. Well please forgive me, for I am about to break the ultimate code of honor, I’m about to become the rat of all rats, because my charge for us as a community is to… “START SNITCHING”.

There, I said it, START SNITCHING, start snitching if you want your children to live to see past their elementary school graduation. Start Snitching if you want to stop living in fear as you walk to the corner store. This is heavy, because as a people we have a strong distrust for law enforcement. I mean, why wouldn’t we, after seeing many of our leaders crippled by this system of American Justice. We vividly remember news clips of the Civil Rights Era, watching police officers brutally attack people of color with water hoses and K-9 dogs? Many of us can attest to the “random” car stops, the harassment and brutality that our people face on a daily basis from those who are supposed to protect and serve. Yet I still say START SNITCHING, far too many of our children are becoming victims in the crossfire of drug wars, domestic disputes and other various forms of crime that begat violence.

The speech everyone is talking about

March 19, 2008