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Grandma Jailed: Beat Yo Damn Kids

June 20, 2008

As you will read in the story below a grandmother was jailed for beating her 16 year old grandaughter who she caught having sex with another female. Let me say this again, the grandmother was jailed for beating her daughter who she caught having sex in her home that she pays the bills for.

Child Protective Services may close the blog down today because I say “BEAT THAT CHILD!” I’m 24 years old and if I get caught tomorrow having sex in my mother’s house, there will be hell to pay. Once again I am 24 years old however I have enough respect and I know better than to try and have sex in my parent’s home. I know the consequences, my mother wouldn’t play that at all.

More people need to beat their disrespectful kids, I do not agree with excessive beating but in my day I was beat with switches, extension cords, rulers. My parents picked up whatever was in hands distance. I never ended up in the hospital and I also learned valuable lessons, respect and the difference between right and wrong. The problem today is people don’t beat their kids. It’s not politically correct, hence we have rising incarceration rates because children are going out committing stupid crimes because they do not know any better.


Reading woman jailed in beating of granddaughter, 16

By Jason A. Kahl
Reading Eagle

Reading, PA – A 61-year-old city woman was arrested by Reading police for beating her granddaughter with a cane and belt after finding the girl in bed with another female teenager from the neighborhood, investigators said Saturday.

Joyce Y. Beddell of the 600 block of North Front Street was committed to Berks County Prison in lieu of $10,000 bail after arraignment before Senior District Judge Richard Gatti. Reading police charged Beddell with aggravated and simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and endangering the welfare of a child.

Beddell’s 16-year-old granddaughter suffered serious bruises to her legs and buttocks during the assault, which occurred Thursday about 5 p.m. in the residence they shared, police said.

Beddell beat the teenager with her cane until it broke, police said.

The girl’s name was not released by police, who said she was in severe pain and was treated in Reading Hospital for unspecified injuries.

Investigators gave this account:

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The granddaughter had just finished having sex with another 16-year-old girl and was in an upstairs bedroom. Beddell walked in and found them together.

The neighborhood girl ran out of the house to her nearby home while Beddell was beating her granddaughter with the cane.

Neighbors said they saw Beddell leave the house a short time later. She was accompanied by her limping granddaughter. The two of them went to the other girl’s house to tell her mother what they had been doing.

Beddell returned to her home with her granddaughter and continued to beat her with a belt. Police were called to the house to investigate a report of child abuse.

The girl had noticeable injuries to her legs, and police took her to the hospital.

Beddell told police that she had done nothing wrong and said she should have been allowed to discipline her granddaughter as she saw fit.


Michael Moore Endorses Barack Obama

April 22, 2008


My Vote’s for Obama (if I could vote) …by Michael Moore

April 21st, 2008


I don’t get to vote for President this primary season. I live
in Michigan. The party leaders (both here and in D.C.)
couldn’t get their act together, and thus our votes will not
be counted.

So, if you live in Pennsylvania, can you do me a favor? Will
you please cast my vote — and yours — on Tuesday for Senator
Barack Obama?

I haven’t spoken publicly ’til now as to who I would vote for,
primarily for two reasons: 1) Who cares?; and 2) I (and most
people I know) don’t give a rat’s ass whose name is on the
ballot in November, as long as there’s a picture of JFK and
FDR riding a donkey at the top of the ballot, and the word
“Democratic” next to the candidate’s name.

Seriously, I know so many people who don’t care if the name
under the Big “D” is Dancer, Prancer, Clinton or Blitzen. It
can be Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Barry Obama or the Dalai Lama.

Well, that sounded good last year, but over the past two
months, the actions and words of Hillary Clinton have gone
from being merely disappointing to downright disgusting. I
guess the debate last week was the final straw. I’ve watched
Senator Clinton and her husband play this game of appealing to
the worst side of white people, but last Wednesday, when she
hurled the name “Farrakhan” out of nowhere, well that’s when
the silly season came to an early end for me. She said the “F”
word to scare white people, pure and simple. Of course, Obama
has no connection to Farrakhan. But, according to Senator
Clinton, Obama’s pastor does — AND the “church bulletin” once
included a Los Angeles Times op-ed from some guy with Hamas!
No, not the church bulletin!

This sleazy attempt to smear Obama was brilliantly explained
the following night by Stephen Colbert. He pointed out that if
Obama is supported by Ted Kennedy, who is Catholic, and the
Catholic Church is led by a Pope who was in the Hitler Youth,
that can mean only one thing: OBAMA LOVES HITLER!

Yes, Senator Clinton, that’s how you sounded. Like you were
nuts. Like you were a bigot stoking the fires of stupidity.
How sad that I would ever have to write those words about you.
You have devoted your life to good causes and good deeds. And
now to throw it all away for an office you can’t win unless
you smear the black man so much that the superdelegates cry
“Uncle (Tom)” and give it all to you.

But that can’t happen. You cast your die when you voted to
start this bloody war. When you did that you were like Moses
who lost it for a moment and, because of that, was prohibited
from entering the Promised Land.

How sad for a country that wanted to see the first woman
elected to the White House. That day will come — but it won’t
be you. We’ll have to wait for the current Democratic governor
of Kansas to run in 2016 (you read it here first!).

There are those who say Obama isn’t ready, or he’s voted wrong
on this or that. But that’s looking at the trees and not the
forest. What we are witnessing is not just a candidate but a
profound, massive public movement for change. My endorsement
is more for Obama The Movement than it is for Obama the candidate.

That is not to take anything away from this exceptional man.
But what’s going on is bigger than him at this point, and
that’s a good thing for the country. Because, when he wins in
November, that Obama Movement is going to have to stay alert
and active. Corporate America is not going to give up their
hold on our government just because we say so. President Obama
is going to need a nation of millions to stand behind him.

I know some of you will say, ‘Mike, what have the Democrats
done to deserve our vote?’ That’s a damn good question. In
November of ’06, the country loudly sent a message that we
wanted the war to end. Yet the Democrats have done nothing. So
why should we be so eager to line up happily behind them?

I’ll tell you why. Because I can’t stand one more friggin’
minute of this administration and the permanent, irreversible
damage it has done to our people and to this world. I’m almost
at the point where I don’t care if the Democrats don’t have a
backbone or a kneebone or a thought in their dizzy little
heads. Just as long as their name ain’t “Bush” and the word
“Republican” is not beside theirs on the ballot, then that’s
good enough for me.

I, like the majority of Americans, have been pummeled
senseless for 8 long years. That’s why I will join millions of
citizens and stagger into the voting booth come November, like
a boxer in the 12th round, all bloodied and bruised with one
eye swollen shut, looking for the only thing that matters —
that big “D” on the ballot.

Don’t get me wrong. I lost my rose-colored glasses a long time

It’s foolish to see the Democrats as anything but a nicer
version of a party that exists to do the bidding of the
corporate elite in this country. Any endorsement of a Democrat
must be done with this acknowledgement and a hope that one day
we will have a party that’ll represent the people first, and
laws that allow that party an equal voice.

Finally, I want to say a word about the basic decency I have
seen in Mr. Obama. Mrs. Clinton continues to throw the Rev.
Wright up in his face as part of her mission to keep stoking
the fears of White America. Every time she does this I shout
at the TV, “Say it, Obama! Say that when she and her husband
were having marital difficulties regarding Monica Lewinsky,
who did she and Bill bring to the White House for ‘spiritual

But no, Obama won’t throw that at her. It wouldn’t be right.
It wouldn’t be decent. She’s been through enough hurt. And so
he remains silent and takes the mud she throws in his face.

That’s why the crowds who come to see him are so large. That’s
why he’ll take us down a more decent path. That’s why I would
vote for him if Michigan were allowed to have an election.

But the question I keep hearing is… ‘can he win? Can he win
in November?’ In the distance we hear the siren of the death
train called the Straight Talk Express. We know it’s possible
to hear the words “President McCain” on January 20th. We know
there are still many Americans who will never vote for a black
man. Hillary knows it, too. She’s counting on it.

Pennsylvania, the state that gave birth to this great country,
has a chance to set things right. It has not had a moment to
shine like this since 1787 when our Constitution was written
there. In that Constitution, they wrote that a black man or
woman was only “three fifths” human. On Tuesday, the good
people of Pennsylvania have a chance for redemption.

Michael Moore


April 21, 2008

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Baracky: THE MOVIE

April 19, 2008

By no means am I a journalist, so you can expect that this site is very Pro – Obama. However, being a supporter of a particular presidential candidate does not mean that you take all of their words at face value. Following any leader aimlessly is a sure recipe for disaster, so while I am very much in support of Barack Obama, I am also very critical of him. I plan to hold him accountable now and when he is elected into the white House I will continue to be critical of him and his policies, making sure that he holds true to the promises he is making the American people. YES WE CAN

Philadelphia Daily News Endorses Obama

April 17, 2008



Excerpts from Daily News:
THE CHOICE in Tuesday’s Democratic presidential primary is not only the one between a white woman and a black man. It’s a choice between the past and the future.
But the long slog through 44 primaries and caucuses has confirmed for us that Sen. Barack Obama’s vision of change – and the way he plans to pursue it – is what we need right now. Badly.
Contrary to Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan, we believe Barack Obama is more likely to be “ready on Day One” to lead us in a new direction. Because of his experience.

Sure, Clinton has more “experience” of a sort. For one thing, she has 14 more years on earth. How much of this experience is directly applicable to the job of president is, at best, debatable.

We are frankly troubled by her assumption that her husband’s administration and accomplishments were her own. And if her equation holds, that the first spouse is an equal partner in the administration, then the reappearance of Bill Clinton in the White House is a prospect we have a hard time reconciling with the work that needs to be done.

THERE IS a way to match Clinton’s and Obama’s performances on a relatively equal playing field: their campaigns.

A candidate’s campaign may be the best indicator of how she or he will govern. If so, an Obama administration would be well-managed, inclusive and astonishingly broad-based. It would make good use of technology and communicate a message of unity and, yes, hope.

It would not be content with eking out slim victories by playing to the narrow interests of the swing voters of the moment while leaving the rest of the country as deeply divided as ever. Instead, an Obama administration would seek to expand the number of Americans who believe that they have a personal stake in our collective future – and that they have the power to change things.

Finally Barack Strikes back

April 14, 2008