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Youth’s Speak! Teen Reaction to Sean Bell: A Must Read

June 25, 2008


Sean Bell and Family: NEVER FORGET

May 28, 2008

Today’s Photo of the day is Sean Bell and his beautiful family. Like I said, give it a few weeks and the hype would die down but the truth remains that in today’s world a black man can be gunned down by those who are supposed to serve and protect him and they can walk away scott free. We all should still be outraged by this hypocrisy disguised as American Justice. So not only can we “NEVER FORGET”, but we have to educate ourselves about our rights and the system so that we can effectively combat these atrocities. NEVER FORGET, SEAN BELL REST IN PEACE!

sean bell and fam
Photo courtesy of Bossip


May 8, 2008

nicole weeps

The NYPD should be ashamed of themselves. Photos have surfaced on the internet showing Nicole Paultre – Bell in handcuffs next to Al Sharpton after being arrested yesterday for a peaceful protest in memory of the late Sean Bell. I’m worried that these protests are not exactly the action we need to allow the disgusting powers that be to see that we mean business over the NYPD’s police brutality towards black males. I don’t have the answer, I really don’t but I am more than willing to work on the solution with like minded people.

nicole in cuffs
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Jay-Z establishes Trust Fund for Sean Bell’s children

May 2, 2008


According to Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter is in the process of establishing a trust fund for the children of our fallen soldier Sean bell, who was brutally murdered by the New York Police Department.

I am thankful for this news and pray that other entertainers follow suit not just in the case of Sean Bell but in other cases of injustice for young men and women of color. It is important that i note that support for the struggles of our people are not necessarily always meant to be in a monetary form. Often people who have a voice can utilize their platform and speak for many on the ground whose voices often go unheard. Shout out to Jay and all of the other brothers in Hip-Hop who are standing up for their communities. It is crucial that in times like this we band together to create change rather than chopping each other down.

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I WILL NOT LOSE; Nicole Paultre – Bell

May 2, 2008