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Free Song of the Day

June 20, 2008

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N.E.R.D Seeing Sounds Album Review

June 13, 2008

N.E.R.D “SEEING SOUNDS” Album Review

“I’ll never forget I was like 7 years old, I closed my eyes and that’s when it happened. I STARTED SEEING SOUNDS!” With the backdrop of music that reminds you of the Pee Wee Herman days, Pharrell spits these words on “Time for some Action” and the trance begins, you become a part of outer space, you’re traveling to Planet N.E.R.D. A world where a hard core hip hop head can meet an alternative skateboard punk rock kinda kid while their both tryna holler at a Soulful, R&B girl. I SEE DEAD PEOPLE, I SEE SOUNDS!

I think the thing you have to love about N.E.R.D albums is that they are not made for the mainstream. It’s almost as if Pharrell and Chad make beats and do cameos on all mainstream music just so they can afford their addiction. Their addiction to making music that transcends a kid from the projects to the suburb with tales of women, drugs, relationships, and everyday life. Expect the beats to blare out your speakers. Tracks like “Anti Matter” might throw you at first but then you’ll realize this ain’t normal, it wasn’t intended to be.

“Sooner or Later” has people who are not typical N.E.R.D fans crossing over into Planet N.E.R.D. The instruments take you somewhere you’ve been before, with every drum snare you are starting to see the picture they are painting, you are beginning to see your own sounds. With a NERD album you are really bound to get double the amount of songs you bargained for. Every song has a bridge where the beat changes up, the vocals change up and you are given a teaser of another dope beat. I guess when you get super producers who make albums they have so many hot beats to choose from they have to be creative to get all of their sound in there.

“Yeah You” finds any male or female’s nightmare; a stalker who just doesn’t get it! If on the album Pharrell and his cohorts were trying to make music where the listeners see the potential video it definitely worked. For this track I see a new version of Black Sheep’s Strobelite Honey video treatment.  Most are too young to remember, just go on youtube and look it up.

The smash hit single “Everyone Nose” has the streets buzzing, the clubs buzzing and THE “Black Mac” has been pumping it for months. Celebrity Insiders aren’t even mad that N.E.R.D. is exposing why some girls always feel the need to “POWDER” their noses. On the bridge Pharrell might even be trying to tell the girl to slow down with all her reckless partying while also trying to help himself to some of her wild behaviors. Already an Internet favorite is the extra-terrestrial “Spaz”. With an opening line like “I’m a little teapot short and stout” you have to wonder what the f*** is this song about to be about. Just Spaz if you want to!

I walk into my 16 year old brother’s room, a young dude who is more worried about the new Jordan’s or some Air Force one’s and I hear “Love Bomb” pumping out of the computer speakers. Why is that, why is this album crossing age groups, genres, and racial boundaries. Because everyone needs an escape from reality and that’s what this album offers, FREEDOM. Freedom to say whatever you want, listen to whatever you want. There is nothing typical about the music and the vocals can be just as confusing. But uff it, just go with the flow. Welcome to PLANET N.E.R.D where the norm is not so normal but the catch is you don’t care because you like it! I SEE DEAD PEOPLE, I SEE SOUNDS!

When Hip Hip was Good Jam of the Day

May 28, 2008

Song of the Day

May 23, 2008

Graduation Song of the Day

May 22, 2008


New Nas The Slave & The Master

May 20, 2008

Dropping some knowledge!

nas nigger


May 19, 2008

super barack

It’s sad when everybody sees the writing on the wall except the person who needs to see the writing on the wall. OBAMA 08!!!!!

Most Slept on Song of the Day

May 19, 2008


May 16, 2008

Figured I’d bless you with the remix. I know the vibe of the blog changes everyday lol!

N.E.R.D. Everbody Nose (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

May 16, 2008

GOTTA SHOUT OUT N.E.R.D.! Can’t wait for the album!