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Cuban Drama for Obama

June 23, 2008

Do you remember Elian Gonzalez? He was the young boy who came here from Cuba with his mother and his mother’s boyfriend. However most of the people on the small aluminum boat they were traveling on died on their way to the United States. Two young boys then ended up on the shores of Florida via an inner tube and were turned over to the U.S Coast Guard. A nasty fight ensued between both sides of the family which resulted in the little boy going back to Cuba to be with his biological father.

You’re thinking like me, what in the world does this have to do with Obama. Well apparently his Uncle is holding some of Barack’s associates responsible. One of which is Eric Holder who is now helping Obama pick a running mate, he was under Janet Reno when she ordered Elian’s return to his father in Cuba. Gregory Craig was Elian’s father’s lawyer who helped him get his son back.

While I was watching CNN, the family’s spokesperson was speaking to a group of Cuban supporters misinterpreting Obama’s stance on Cuba. Apparrently Elian has beocme a member of the Young Communist Union, and many Cubans blame a host of individuals for his return to Cuba and two of them are Obama’s advisers.

I just ask, when does it all end. People are so focused on media attention and because Barack is what’s hot in the news right now all types of nonsense gets attached to him. My question is why don’t these supporters go  make statements about the U.S. Supreme Court who refused to hear their case. Or the countless other courts who denied them. Instead they come after Obama, for future reference please attack the NEXT President with substantiative issues and not mere propaganda which seeks to alienate more voters. Thanks. YES WE CAN SI SE PUEDE!