Michelle Obama has Slave Blood

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5 Responses to “Michelle Obama has Slave Blood”

  1. Osay Says:

    I can assure you racists (and the media and politicians) could care less if you have slave blood in you or not….it’s usually enough that you’re black. In my opinion “they’re” attacking her because Hillary’s out of the picture and they now have another proactive, out-spoken female (black female) that annoys the hell out of them. [Is McCain even married? Who is his wife and where is she?… RIGHT!]

    I’m ashamed that (yet again) we’re being seperated by our own people, African-American leaders at that.


  2. nativenotes Says:

    you know McCain is married to rich ass Cindy McCain. She’s paid, down with Anheuser busch. I hear what your saying, folks are scared of powerful woman, lets just admit it!

  3. Jeff Says:

    I’m scared of Obama, Clinton and McCain. If this is the best we have, we are all screwed. And that goes for ” my our own people….”

    The blue eyed devil has spoken 😉

    “My own people” rotflmbo.


  4. N. Hop Says:

    Not being overly familiar with Dr. Steele nor his work, I am reluctant to comment on him. However that was definitely one of the most stupid comments I’ve ever heard in a long time. Attacks on First Lady Obama (claim it to be) have nothing to do with her “slave blood.” It has ALL TO DO with her being successful on her own merits. It has EVERYTHING to do with the fact that it is clear she is down for her husband and is his support system.

    It’s a ploy, it’s strategic….and it’s old….Get to the man by going after his woman. It’s so methodical that good ole Dr. Steele doesn’t even realize he’s a part of such a Matrix……that’s the saddest part…..he apparently didn’t take the green pill.

  5. Matt Says:

    Michelle Obamma received a bugus raise of $195,052 annually after Barack Obama was elected senator. Check out this article on Michelle Obama

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