Joe Biden Says He’ll Accept VP Status

Media Pundits and Political leaders seem a little upset that a politician did the unthinkable. He told the truth!

Many who are in the running for the VP slot for Barack obama are keeping tight lipped, some even going as far to say they would reject the offer. Senator biden however is letting it be known that he would proudly serve this county as Vice President. And Kudos to that man for being honest. Politricks can be a little weird at times, if you tell the truth you are a liar, if you lie you are merely protecting the public. Me personally, I don’t get it at times.

I would rather say hey I’ll take the position rather than talk about how much I wouldn’t and then accept it later. What do you call that? A change of heart, I think not! Obama 08 Yes We Can Si Se Puede!


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One Response to “Joe Biden Says He’ll Accept VP Status”

  1. Mickey Says:

    Well said. Joe Biden is one of the few (and I mean literally, one of the few) politicians whom I respect, merely for his candor and honesty. I grew up in politics. Having seen many of them in the privacy of homes vs. walking-the-walk and talking-the-talk in their public settings, all politicians should look to him for model-behavior of politicians, today.

    His candor, and I have watched him since the Watergate hearings in the 70s, was not always an attribute we see in Joe Biden today. One must wonder if the experience gained over time being in the thick of Washington politics is what has brought about the change.

    I find great pleasure in seeing our esteemed senators and representatives being under such scrutiny today. It is my tax dollar that pays their salary – and I expect them to earn it, honestly.

    One caveat – I grew up listening to and thoroughly enjoyed The Rat Pack. Love your humorous photo!!

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