Teenage Girls Pact to Get Pregnant: Beat Yo Damn Kids

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2 Responses to “Teenage Girls Pact to Get Pregnant: Beat Yo Damn Kids”

  1. leggs Says:

    speaking from experience they are nuts life is hard enough just trying to get by yourself but now you have to step up your game and make sure you can provide for 2 and make sure the little one is safe at all times childcare is not the greatest but you are going to have to work or go to school to benefit both of you guys. Just think about it before you do something like that. Have a plan start with how you will pay for rent, than add light, gas, clothes, shoes, pampers, laundry, school tution, carefare, childcare, medical insurance, money for emergencies something always comes up that you don’t expect!!! oh…. wait you didn’t even eat yet ! ha ha ha GOOD LUCK GUYS BE SAFE THINK FIRST IT’S REALLY HARD!!!!!

  2. Nikita Silva Says:

    hey my name is nikita and i am 16 years old and i had a pretty baby girl name Tess and she is 2 months old and i thought i was going to die when i had her but i did not die
    if i was u girls that is having babies alot stop what u r doing and go back to school ok i did and i was scared to talk to someone about this but i was talking to my big sister named debony and she been through this too.

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