Grandma Jailed: Beat Yo Damn Kids

As you will read in the story below a grandmother was jailed for beating her 16 year old grandaughter who she caught having sex with another female. Let me say this again, the grandmother was jailed for beating her daughter who she caught having sex in her home that she pays the bills for.

Child Protective Services may close the blog down today because I say “BEAT THAT CHILD!” I’m 24 years old and if I get caught tomorrow having sex in my mother’s house, there will be hell to pay. Once again I am 24 years old however I have enough respect and I know better than to try and have sex in my parent’s home. I know the consequences, my mother wouldn’t play that at all.

More people need to beat their disrespectful kids, I do not agree with excessive beating but in my day I was beat with switches, extension cords, rulers. My parents picked up whatever was in hands distance. I never ended up in the hospital and I also learned valuable lessons, respect and the difference between right and wrong. The problem today is people don’t beat their kids. It’s not politically correct, hence we have rising incarceration rates because children are going out committing stupid crimes because they do not know any better.


Reading woman jailed in beating of granddaughter, 16

By Jason A. Kahl
Reading Eagle

Reading, PA – A 61-year-old city woman was arrested by Reading police for beating her granddaughter with a cane and belt after finding the girl in bed with another female teenager from the neighborhood, investigators said Saturday.

Joyce Y. Beddell of the 600 block of North Front Street was committed to Berks County Prison in lieu of $10,000 bail after arraignment before Senior District Judge Richard Gatti. Reading police charged Beddell with aggravated and simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and endangering the welfare of a child.

Beddell’s 16-year-old granddaughter suffered serious bruises to her legs and buttocks during the assault, which occurred Thursday about 5 p.m. in the residence they shared, police said.

Beddell beat the teenager with her cane until it broke, police said.

The girl’s name was not released by police, who said she was in severe pain and was treated in Reading Hospital for unspecified injuries.

Investigators gave this account:

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The granddaughter had just finished having sex with another 16-year-old girl and was in an upstairs bedroom. Beddell walked in and found them together.

The neighborhood girl ran out of the house to her nearby home while Beddell was beating her granddaughter with the cane.

Neighbors said they saw Beddell leave the house a short time later. She was accompanied by her limping granddaughter. The two of them went to the other girl’s house to tell her mother what they had been doing.

Beddell returned to her home with her granddaughter and continued to beat her with a belt. Police were called to the house to investigate a report of child abuse.

The girl had noticeable injuries to her legs, and police took her to the hospital.

Beddell told police that she had done nothing wrong and said she should have been allowed to discipline her granddaughter as she saw fit.


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5 Responses to “Grandma Jailed: Beat Yo Damn Kids”

  1. Puja Says:

    I couldn’t agree more….my dad used to say “i don’t care, call the cops, i’ll go to jail, i don’t care”

  2. leggs Says:

    She had the right to kick her ass. She gets locked up, while 54 bullets go into Shawn Bell and his friends by police and they not only keep there jobs they get off with no charges! Now how the hell do you figure that was correct. In God’s law it states not to spear the rod. And it’s against his law that man shall not lay with man nor woman with woman. This world is coming to and end soon…. this is sodem and gamora all over again and the lord thy father is not pleased with how man has changed his law for there own purpose……..
    What punishment does the granddaughter have? As a grandmother myself taking care of my grandson I know how she feels but grandma life is too short, let the child go and bump her head cause I don’t think I would be able to keep her in my home but I would always love her just from a distance what she did was rude, disrespectul,and down right out of control.
    from one grandma to another hold your head high and just know God is on your side and you did nothing wrong!!!

  3. Acuarela Says:

    I can´t believe you mean it… you gotta be kiddin, man…

    I don´t think that a based-in-fear education is the answer…

    Anyway, I love your posts.

  4. nativenotes Says:

    leggs thank u for ur insight! Acurella, children need a beating every now and then. I’m all for this type of fear based education. Of course not excessive beatings but sometimes you need to a little help understanding the difference between right and wrong

  5. Choc Says:

    I have to say I don’t believe the grandmother was in the wrong at all. I know if my mom had caught me in the middle of having sex she would’ve beat my black azz! I would much rather handle my child myself than to have him/her out there in the streets wild with no home training. That girl was dead wrong for messin around in her grandma’s house–anybody’s house!

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