Pardon me

Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching. Proverbs 1: 8

Okay, mission wallet has been accomplished. Since Wednesday morning my wallet has been sitting in the Jamaica train Station office, I picked it up Friday night. God definitely looked out for me because I was so not interested in buying another monthly train pass. Happy Belated Father’s Day to the fathers, I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Father’s Day was interesting for me because for the first time I noticed how Father’s Day can get glossed over. I wrote a piece to my father and posted it on the blog titled “TRIBUTE TO MY FATHER”. He said it brought a tear to his eye, he looked a little emotional as we embraced and at that moment I was glad that I had not only written something about his impact on my life but I was happy that I had shared it with him.

The radio did not blare music that represented fathers day and in fact I heard more conversations about absentee fathers. Interesting how we dwell in what we do not have rather than being thankful for what we do have or what we plan to be. I chose this verse because we have two fathers and I wish to honor them both. Our Father who art in heaven is always there for us, so if we do not have a physical Pops here on earth, we can always look to God and learn from the instruction he has given us. I can also look to the instructions my father has given me over the years and hope to utilize the skills that he has given me to make me a better man. For the absentee father because I have one of those too, he also gave instruction, more like instruction of what not to do. Either way it was a lesson learned and I am thankful for any wisdom that I may receive. Today is not Father’s day but everyday is Father’s Day so I honor my Pops at home and OUR Father in Heaven. Peace and Grace be unto you!

When we can not change a situation, resolution comes through the way we choose to handle it within ourselves.

Ps. This is the last birthday shout out of the month, Steve -O I see you man. I got to bring Steve’s birthday in last night with him, congrats on another year my brother, may God bless all of your endeavors.


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