Lincoln Freed the Slaves

I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races – that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And in as much as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.– Abraham Lincoln 1858

I remember sitting at my cramped desk at Deauville Gardens Elementary School more than 15 years ago. I was no more than 10 years old but I remember learning of “THE GREAT EMANCIPATOR” Abraham Lincoln. It was taught that Lincoln freed the slaves and being a young black child I should be forever grateful because if it were not for his actions many of my people would still be in chains. Those formidable years of education were filled with large fabrications. A growing amount of Americans never make it to college and thus are forced to mull around the lies and propaganda that our history books sell us, between them and these false history channels we are inundated with the winners version of history which can often be extremely flawed.

For years if you asked me who was my favorite President I would proudly state that Abraham Lincoln was the greatest President that ever lived. I was taught that he liberated blacks out of the chains and physical captivity of chattel slavery in these United States of America, that this man saw blacks as his equals and valiantly battled racist southerners and their disturbing opinions of people of color in this country and drove us to freedom. However as I read his quote above, it seems that Abraham Lincoln was quite the opposite, quite the racist, and very much an oppressor of people of color. He believed that people of color were inferior to whites, why was this quote omitted from my education, why is history painted in such a viciously false manner?

In law school the question to every answer is “maybe”. The teachers say maybe because there are always multiple different ways of looking at things thus giving us various outcomes, nothing is absolute. Did Abraham Lincoln free the slaves? Maybe!

As I look at several photos taken by up and coming Photographer Young District, who has a great eye for capturing the feeling of a moment. While shooting in the Abraham Lincoln Projects on 132nd and Madison in Harlem he manages to capture this historical relationship between people of color and Lincoln. A picture is worth a thousand words and when I look at this series so much comes to mind.

Look at how the sculptor chose to dress the young black man. Lincoln is fully dressed, bow tie included while the young man wears torn clothes with no shoes. He is visibly supposed to be portraying an enslaved young man, dressed in rags praising Lincoln and his fully suited self. The young boy is looking up to Lincoln, admiring him for his courage, his oh so noble character. The young man is forever in debt to Abraham Lincoln for without Lincoln this boy would still be a slave. Now he’s become a new slave, a slave to a warped view of history.

Look at Lincoln, his face is emotionless, in fact he stares past the young man, not even making eye contact with him. Lincoln is comparable to the Santa Clause who sits in our shopping malls during the holidays, it’s just a job and he really could care less about the wishes that the young man whispers to him because he has no intention of making those dreams come true. But that’s just it! Young District has captured the real intention of Lincoln. He’s looking past blacks but using them as a tool to preserve the Union, to preserve the United States of America. And where does this statute sit, it sits right in the heart of a housing development which is the home to many people of color.

Everyday there’s a kid just like me who walks by this statute and is proud. Proud that in a country who bears the dirty stain of slavery, that there was one man who defied the odds. One man who fought to make sure that blacks and whites were equal. The above quote is not found in history books, it’s not found near this statute. However it is found in the emotionless expression on Lincoln’s face. It’s found in the archives of his speeches that let us know that he had no intention on freeing the slaves. In fact Lincoln is quoted as saying “If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that.”

Another deleted quote from the legacy of Lincoln, another example of how we were used as pawns and firepower to defeat the Confederate States of America. Nowhere in this quote is this Great Emancipator championing our rights, speaking out against the destructive and oppressive system of racial inequality, yet he gets this great title in our history. He is known as one of the leaders of the Abolitionist movement, yet he did not believe in our abilities, intellect or right to be treated as his equals. So did Lincoln free the slaves, why of course he did, the Emancipation Proclamation and 13th Amendment tells us so. However, it was a mere accident. Thanks to Young District for allowing his lens to capture one of Lincoln’s greatest misnomers, that he actually cared.


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14 Responses to “Lincoln Freed the Slaves”

  1. CLC Says:

    Is that the picture of admiration? Maybe? I guess your professors are right. I see something different – admiration it is not. I would have guessed he was asking, “WHY?” hmmm….Je ne sais pas?

  2. southernvoice Says:

    Can’t stand the truth! I knew you’d delete my posts when I started talking to you in the same disrespectful way you talk about white people continually.

    I told you the truth. Lincoln didn’t even need to go to war. Europe had already ended slavery and were not allowing slave ships to sail from there so it was only a matter of time until your ancestors would have been freed by the actions of whites in Europe. But I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much information that you won’t be able to digest with your limited abilities.

    What you should be doing is asking questions and learning cause you don’t know enough to shoot your mouth off in a blog no matter how black you be.

  3. nativenotes Says:

    thats the beauty of art, we all have different interpretations. haha

  4. nativenotes Says:

    i never deleted your comments. “how black you be” that’s not proper english southernvoice. maybe you should do some research. Like just think about your reasoning, you are really not an intelligent thinker.

    Ok so Europe stops the Middle Passage correct. So that means there are no new slaves but your disgusting, lazy ancestors had more than enough slaves than they needed. And those beautiful people would reproduce and their children would be enslaved. So be logical, I told you if you’re not going to be a thinker than please don’t comment. We like intelligence over here, I am hoping that you have some, I am really hoping!

  5. southernvoice Says:

    nativenotes you deleted my comments. I talked in “American dialects” because CLC stupidly stated that everyone should learn every dialect so I was trying to do what he said and speak ebonics. He is the one who should be banned for not being an intelligent thinker.

    If intelligent thinker is your agenda then ban yourself because in the post above you make the case that our white forefathers never intended for America to be anything but white white white.

    The above post proves that our forefathers never intended America to be diverse and that they had slaves while they wrote the Constitution and that nobody ever cared if the slaves were freed or not. They sure didn’t intend for you to be treated like white people and they wanted to ship you back to Africa.

    At any time you could have gone back to Africa but you chose to stay here. The country that white people built. Who can blame you?

    The only reason you delete my posts is because you are no match for me and you can’t debate me and you can’t refute my comments because you don’t have the brains. cluck cluck cluck

    You ask for pity so I will give it to you. Bless your heart it is so sad.

  6. southernvoice Says:

    you see why they force political correctness on white people! It takes power away from us and gives it to people like you so you think you are smart. But you never rightly earned anything. Thats why you can’t handle the responsibility when it lands in your laps. You didn’t get where you are by your own efforts.

    All you can do is whine and find racism under every rock. The truth is that white people have had to take care of black people.

    You are still pawns.

    The civil rights movement was led by jews or you still wouldn’t be free. You wanted to know the truth about lincoln now learn the truth about the civil rights movement.

    When black leaders first entered the offices of the NAACP they turned around and left because everyone in there was white (Jews). The Jews wanted America to be diverse so they wouldn’t stand out as a minority and could take power which they have done.

    Jews have a history of rising to the top of every country in which they have lived and they fully intended to do that in America but they couldn’t do it in a white christian culture. Jews are the smartest of the ethnic groups with Asians next, then whites, and then Hispanics and then blacks.

    Jews put ads on Saturday morning cartoons during the 50s so that children would grow up thinking diversity was wonderful. They own Obama. make no mistake about it.

    Rahm Emanuel is the Democrat who chooses party nominees. Visit the democrat’s official website and see for yourself.

    Emanuel was born in israel and his father was a Zionist terrorist. google the old son of a bitch. Rham served in the israeli military and now he is a kingmaker in the US government and unless obama genuflected before the American Israeli PAC there is no way in hell he would get the nomination. Jews fund the democratic party and now jewish neocons have taken over the republican party.

    White Americans have no fear of blacks. The fight for America is between Jews and whites. Thats where you and Obama fit in the grand scheme of things. Blacks have been freed for generations and generations and you still haven’t been able to accomplish anything in America. delete this or debate it intelligence boy.

  7. southernvoice Says:

    One more thing. I only talk to you this way because you deliberately post provocative things against white people like you are looking for a fight. You shouldn’t do that because you might find one.

  8. traceyricksfoster Says:

    What is up with all of this Jew talk/bashing? It is getting kinda old.

    As I have stated before, this country was founded by European Caucasians. There is actual proof that not all of America’s founding fathers agreed with the enslavement of other human beings. But due to politics and greed, the compromise to keep Africans enslaved was made. When Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, he did so under duress.

    One of his main questions was how would America deal with having a couple million illiterate freed Africans with no hope or promise for the future, running amuck? How would they support themselves? Where would they go? Who was going to be responsible for a people who could not be responsible for themselves?

    On top of this, Lincoln disliked African slaves with a passion. Growing up dirt poor with less than a slave owned, Lincoln along with a whole segment of poor Caucasian Americans despised African slaves and their owners. What they despised is what we call today: Capitalism.

    The NAACP maintained African American leaders. None of the founding members of color, such as Ida B. Wells, left the organization.

    And…why should African Americans leave this country? WE BUILT THIS COUNTRY. If it wasn’t for the cunning, the cowardice, the greediness, the mental incapabilties and out and out laziness of Caucasian America, Africans would not be here.

    Lastly, why would any thinking, intelligent individual suggest that African Americans go back to Africa? Why would we do that? Africa is in a debilitating devastative condition brought on by European Caucasians! Africa has been/ currently is…looted and raped, polluted and westernized, colonized forcibly by Caucasians! Africa has been systematically destroyed by Caucasians! Why would we want to return there?

    YOU GO! You took it! Now that you’ve ruined it, you want us to go back…AMAZING!

  9. southernvoice Says:

    Its amazing that you always see yourselves as Passive while things are being done TO YOU by white people.

    Exactly what are blacks doing while whites ruin Africa? How many blacks are in Africa? Whites go in one country at a time and colonize it, So why can’t all of black Africa stop them?

    Because even in Africa blacks are tribal and fight with one another. South Africans are being brought to task today for allowing suffering of other blacks and shutting out refugees of different tribes.

    I don’t want to leave America. You are the ones who are always complaining about conditions here so YOU leave. You could say that blacks built America but it could also be said that mules did a large share of the work as well. Should we grant them the vote.

  10. CLC Says:

    Southern Voice this would be so much more fun if you would just put together a cohesive arugment. Then, we could all play in the sandbox together and have an intelligent conversation of sorts. And stop misquoting me.

  11. BIG_AL Says:

    Don’t pay attention to southernvoice. He’s just another scared cracker that needs attention. He thinks he knows who’s smarter, or more intelligent. He doesn’t know that Africa is the cradle of civilization, who’s knowledge was stolen by the greeks. His false education makes him feel superior. But that’s what his ancestors intended it to do. These dummies still can’t figure out how the pyrimids where built. The African mathmatics is beyond there intelligence. They were able to enslave and colonize us because of their guns. Beleive me, they do fear us. They fear us as we lay even the playing field of America. Where i live, in Northern Va, there children are mixing with ours, creating more people of color. Whites will be the minority in the near future. Yes people, there is a fear among us. I dont hate white people, but i feel sorry for there ignorance. All whites are not the same. Actually Southernvoice is a growing minority in our country. This punk probably doesnt even know that half of his everyday life involves black inventions. Everything from your air conditioning, to your refridgerator dick head!! The reason why asians are smarter, is because they dont have a bullshit education system like America’s. When you compared blacks to mules, i knew you were nothing but a racist asshole!!

  12. Osay Says:

    As I ignore Southern Voice’s arrogant ignorance…..

    Yet again thanks Ced for providing truth to the masses. Lincoln didn’t give a damn about Black people nor did he “free” the slaves, he merely restricted acquiring additional slaves, if you were a slave prior to the “Proclamation” you were shit out of luck… tough cookies.

    While Lincoln’s actions are appreciated he definitely does not deserve the high esteem he receives in African-American history. Seriously, he signed his name to a piece of paper…

    But are we surprised that this information isn’t accurately reflected in our school history books? The same history books that will tell you black people begin in slavery, were freed by Abraham Lincoln, and given Civil Right by Martin Luther Kind, Jr….. and if you’re lucky a couple of pages dedicated to black inventors. African-Americans (and other immigrants for that matter) have always had to deal with the limited, watered-down, biased recounts of our history as framed by white people.

    MY issue is that we as African-Americans often don’t take the initiative ourselves to learn what “they” forgot to mention. As children we have an excuse, we simply don’t know any better, but as adults there’s no excuse. Just like there’s no excuse for not passing that truth on to our youth.

    Again Ced, well done! 🙂

  13. traceyricksfoster Says:

    Africa, according to an accurate reading of history, was considered by European Caucasians to be a land fertile with every last resource and desire found in ONE place. That is why the continent was raped and stolen from Africans.

    Before the “theft”, Africans maintained their civility. There were tribal disputes/wars…but never to the extent where WHOLE tribes of people were annilated. There was no need to do this. Until Caucasians came into Africa and turned it out and into an exact replica of themselves. Today’s Africa is re-enacting the entire history of Europeans…The annilation of the Greeks, Persians, Spartans, Medes…History speaks on this.

    Mankind began in Africa. Scientists today have now reluctantly agreed. We Africans living in America…or of African descent…are not passive. We are human. It is our nature to believe in the good of ALL God’s creation. It is just that we as a people have never ran up against a group of human beings who are crude, greedy, masochistic, careless, narrow-minded and poisoness. People who would rather destroy, devastate and conquer instead of understand and learn.

    History tells us this, too. As Malcolm X said, if you want to know the truth, study America’s history books. Don’t discard it. Because within that textbook, the truth is found.

    And if the argument is that we as people of color are passive…which we are not…that would mean that Caucasians are notoriously agressive serial murders.

    Is this a fact or just an over-blown statement?

  14. Adam Baisley Says:

    Hey Native, I really think this southernvoice chick has a serious crush on you!!! Why else would she continually post to your blog!?!?! I mean come on and think about it? She’s just trying to get you to notice her, that’s why all her comments are so ridiculous and absentminded. She knows her family will disown her for it, so she keeps attacking you personally so you’ll pay attention!……. Back in grade school I knew this girl that used to tease me everyday, turns out she that she was secretly in love with me, she used to draw pictures of us together w/ hearts all day long! I only found out a year later after her best friend told me, and showed me the notebook!

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