Tribute to My Father


Like Father, Like Son
What is a father?
Any man can make a baby
But it takes a real man to father a child
To nurture, protect and teach that child the way, requires not only a man
But a father
I thought today how on Father’s Day
The radio is not blaring with music that represents the good fathers of the world
The ones who work 2 jobs to support a family of 6
The men who provide for their families in times of scarcity and abundance
Where is the love for those fathers?
For my father
No monetary value could replace the lessons and energy you have given me
However, I offer this gift of gratitude
A gift of appreciation for you took me as your own
and epitomize what a father should be
It’s not about hanging out in the streets
It’s about HOME
It’s not about fast girls.
It’s about finding a woman like my mother you would say
So today I say thank you to my father
And while the radio may not play a million songs
The rest of the world may not acknowledge you
I salute you dad, for without you I would not be the man God has destined me to be.
Yours truly,


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2 Responses to “Tribute to My Father”

  1. traceyricksfoster Says:

    I enjoyed your Father’s Day tribute…to your dad and ALL Fathers who are doing what real dads do 365!!! Your Dad is lucky to have son like you!


  2. sbrooke Says:

    Your Tribute + Common’s joint …..Great Combo! 🙂

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