Obama helps out with Flood

What an amazing President we will have when the Fall Election commences. Amidst the devastation of the flooding in the Midwest Barack Obama put for action over image. Anyone can send kind words to the families in need but Barack chose to get down with the relief efforts and pick up a shovel and fill sand bags. That’s my President! YES WE CAN, SI SE PUEDE!


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15 Responses to “Obama helps out with Flood”

  1. southernvoice Says:

    Yeah Obama is Super Black. Why did you make a comment in spanish? Does it not matter if someone is Kenyan or Mexican or American? Should Americans speak Spanish now?

  2. nativenotes Says:

    southern where did your family emigrate from. Your family members were once immigrants. I hope you realize that if the US was not INCLUSIVE you would not be here to make your bigoted statements.
    there are a large amount of Spanish speaking people who live in this country. What you seem to have a lack of understanding for is this global village we live in.

    The Jim Crow days are gone, the South lost the war and schools have been integrated. I must thank you though, you are so honest with you prejudices. Its quite admirable but then is it really, would yousay these things at work. Probably not! That is if your job is progressive enough to hire blacks. Anyway thanks for getting me started bright and early while on the train headed to work. Ciao!

  3. southernvoice Says:

    My family came to this nation, which was created by my people from nothing, in the 1700s. They came to this country and were permitted to enter legally and have assimilated and have loyalty to no other country.

    In this country we are supposed to have Rule of Law. What part of that do you not understand. If you have no regard for our immigration laws then why should I have regard for laws that protect your rights? Please explain. I would like to know why you think you can pick and choose the laws you wish to obey and the ones you think you can flaunt.

    You are correct. I do not understand “this global village we live in”. Could you please explain it to me?

    Could you also explain why those who make up the “global village” are free to pursue the interests of their ethnic groups, just as blacks pursue getting Obama in the White House and how that is not racism?

    Why is it racist when white people do it. Since you are an expert I would truly appreciate any information that you could give to me.

  4. nativenotes Says:

    ok we are going to respond to your false arguments one at a time. a. tell me how your people built this country and notice how you have evaded my question. in the 1700’s your people came here from where?

    but you built this country, a country that the native americans had been living in and were ding just fine without your slaveholding, rapist forefathers. correct. lets go southernvoice

  5. CLC Says:

    Wait a minute….back the truck up and load all of the bullshit into the back…IMMEDIATELY! (beep..beep… beep)

    First and foremost, I need for anyone proclaiming to protect the native language of this country to first know it and then presume to speak it (every dialect of it, that is). Second, ask YOURSELF how America got it’s name. Those people you proclaim to be your own…well, google Amerigo Vespucci(sp?) – then get back to me. You might want to take up SPANISH in the meantime. Yeah, work that out. And unless your family was akin to any man that was a MOOR – from SPAIN – you’re still lacking a little info about your family tree. Your family – when they told you they built this country they lied. May I remind you had the indigenous people of this aforemention American land not been willing to bargain your family would have starved to death. Now, I will give your family a little credit: they were real good about getting those books out of those libraries in Egypt and pawning them off as their own. They did even better to convince some of those African men and women to enslave their own people. Let’s be real: no way on God’s green earth could they have overtaken that nation without a turncoat or two. But, I assure you English is not this country’s first language. And you might want to sit over there and be quiet, lest the people who truly have rights to this land start requesting reparations, too.

  6. CLC Says:

    And yes, Americans should speak Spanish, too. And while they are at learn French and German. Lazy ass tongues.

  7. nativenotes Says:

    its getting hot in here southern. now you said most liberal and black sites delete your comments. Now here is a site that allows you to voice your opinion in its entirety, only catch is you have to substantiate your comments with a rationale argument. Welcome to Notes of This Native Son.

  8. southernvoice Says:

    The United States of America was not founded by the indians you dumb clucks.

    Clearly the Indians had no immigration laws you bozos. Thats why we came in and took over.

    White people wrote the Constitution. White people from England not Italy and not Spain and not France.

    You mistake the United States of America for Cherokee, North Carolina or a Res in Arizona you morons.

    There can be no rational debate with people who are too stupid to have one. When American IQ is lowered to your standards we may as well move to Hati.

    In South Africa they have to get their health care from the Cubans because the blacks there are as mentally challenged as you are. Obviously they cannot run the country they took from white people by breeding like flies and depending as usual upon white people to care for the children they couldn’t feed.

    After minorities take over America nobody will wish to live here either. They’ll leave America like whites flee the inner cities and everywhere else blacks bring their crime ridden neighborhoods.

    The joke is on you. The rest of the world jeered at America for building public housing in our greatest cities like New York and Washington DC for the blacks who are nothing but trouble. We should have left you to your own devices.

    When whites are gone all of this land will revert back to what the Indians and others of their intellect will be able to make of it so in the end you will lose.

    Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it. Would you rather this country be run by whites or by blacks? Think about it.

  9. southernvoice Says:

    CLC Americans are expected to speak proper English and certainly no one should have to learn any dialects. You have to be denser than mud to think that anyone would have to learn Ebonics.

    Are you going to learn to speak English with a Spanish accent? duh

    Can you tell me one instance in which an educated, cultured person would ever use Ebonics or any other dialect? This I gotta hear.

  10. southernvoice Says:

    CLC since you call others “lazy assed tongues” could you please tell me how many languages you speak.

    You said that we convinced blacks to sell their own people. Why didn’t we just take them for free? dufus

  11. southernvoice Says:

    Oh I’m sorry. Let me speak in a dialect since I’m expected to do that.

    America be founded by white peoples who formed a government after they takes the land. Whites people could read and write. I is real proud of dat.

    I reads a book once. Is you? I ain’t studyin nuthin bout readin no other one. I is gonna join a gang and sells drugs. I makes lotsa monies and I is smart.

  12. nativenotes Says:

    southernvoice your ignorance is baffling. i actually feel bad for you. i am hoping that you are really just playing devil’s advocate because I dont think anyone can be as bigoted as you and lack rational thought. keep spewing your hate, maybe people delete your comments because their not rational

  13. Puja Says:

    “White people wrote the Constitution. White people from England not Italy and not Spain and not France”

    White people like Alexander Hamilton? Who was born out-of-wedlock to a woman, Rachel Faucett Lavien, who was part-french? Who was born and raised in the West Indies? Who, when not allowed in the Church of England’s schooling because of his mother’s martial history, was privately educated by a Jewish School before coming to “America”?

    Native Notes, “the mentally challenged black man”, is providing a forum for you to engage in intellectual debate. When a view is brought up that challenges your own, be it right or wrong, you respond with “clucks” and “morons” and “dufus”. Last I checked those words weren’t proper English.

  14. CLC Says:

    Uh, oh. Not only is she ignorant, she doesn’t read very well either.

    Four responses to my single post. Damn, I’m good.

    Now, after re-reading my own post, I am still in search of the line in it that states that America was founded by INDIANS. And to my chagrin, it doesn’t exist. So sad. 😦

    Dialect: that was in respect to the indigenous people of this land, but you obviously still don’t get it. As we ALL already know – you don’t read or write very well. Therefore, one can assume that your ability to deliver a well thought out response is..actually we don’t expect much of you at all now that I think about it. LOL

    Languages: 4 English, French, Spanish, and Italian. Next question, please!

    Ebonics: I will yield to you on this one. It is the worst excuse ever to use improper English. And well, when your people put a name to it, then added it to the dictionary, it seems to have become the norm. I, however, do not subscribe to it. So, you’ll have to pose that question to another individual. Make sure you ask and idiot though, so you can get the answer you expect, okay? However, if you need an example of those educated individuals who speak several dialects of a single language, in addition, to those who speak several languages – just visit your local college or university. They are students born and raised outside of the states where it is expected that you speak more than one language. As well, if you are unable to locate any of these idividuals just visit the language department and ask for one of those people with PhD behind their name. Now what are they called? It escapes me…Professors, yes, PROFESSORS!

    The public housing/welfare argument. Can someone please run the numbers and show madame incompetent that those who benefit from these programs are not primarily…well, run the numbers and let her figure it out. And if you will, please do include the history of those programs for clarity’s sake. That way we can all know and understand who these programs were created from and who benefits most from them.

  15. Adam Baisley Says:

    Once again sv, you make me ashamed to be white. This country was built into an empire by white people stealing it from the Natives, (using disease and conflict to decimate an entire race, I think these days we call it genocide) Then forcing legions of blacks to do all the work for them (does the word slavery ring any bells?) But I’m sure that in all reality the Native American (who actually came here from northern asia thousands of years ago and are therefore also immigrants :)) Were probably looking for an excuse to get raped and murdered and die from plagues, and I am sure that the tribally cultured blacks really wanted to get shipped halfway across the world against their will to work around the clock for free as well. What exactly did your forefathers do to build this country? (besides exploiting others?) As far as understanding this global village, this means interacting with all of the cultures around you, something you cannot do in very many parts of the south…..( which is why most people live in the Northeast or on the West Coast) But hey I’m not surprised you didn’t know any of this, most underprivileged illiterate white’s don’t either…….

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