Pastor Manning claims WILL SAVE the Muslims

You may remember this divisive character; he has a ton of videos on youtube disrespecting everyone from Barack Obama  to various other preachers of the Christian faith in the name of God. Here in this video he proclaims that God has sent him to save the Muslims after he saves African American people. Many have referred to his following as cult like. I myself am not a fan but I do find it quite interesting that he believes he has been sent by God to save not only black Americans but Muslims as well. Things that make you go hmmmmmm!

Here is pastor Manning’s rant on Barack Obama, beware this is very idiotic material. More like  a Dave Chappelle skit. SKETCH HUMOR!


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4 Responses to “Pastor Manning claims WILL SAVE the Muslims”

  1. Paulette Says:

    So if God sent him to save blacks and Muslims what’s taking him so long? Did he lose his anoitment? And if he’s going to ‘save’ the blacks and Muslims why did God manifest him as a black man? Does that mean that he also needs to be saved before he can save? And who will save him? What an idiot…

  2. Paulette Says:

    He seems to have a REAL problems with Obama’s long legs. Probably because his legs are so short? What a jackazz.

  3. nativenotes Says:

    yea hes not the brightest guy. he has a bunch of mindless slaves following his every word. I just get bothered when I see people using the word of God to spew hate

  4. Adam Baisley Says:

    This is the exact definition of why religion has spoiled our society, why do muslims need to be ‘saved’ or black people for that matter? Religion is nothing more than a tool designed to lead/control people (a code of conduct if you will) for right OR wrong. And in this case it is most definitely wrong…..

    Different religions are the personal and cultural representations of this same code of conduct. Virtually every religion out there shares the same tenets……. which is why ideological warfare is soo pathetic

    It doesn’t matter what religion you practice, your personal actions are what defines you as a human being. No one (or religion for that matter) is perfect….

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