Obama’s Children called Nappy Headed Hoes

So now Obama’s daughters are Nappy Headed Hoes. I understand that art is the freedom of expression but this is utterly ridiculous. America has lost its values. Not only is the man’s wife allowed to be disrespected but now his two beautiful children as well. This photo is from the “Assassination of Barack Obama” exhibit.


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38 Responses to “Obama’s Children called Nappy Headed Hoes”

  1. southernvoice Says:

    Why should Baracka be treated any differently than the Clintons or anyone else in public life?

    Yeah we’ve lost our values alright. Otherwise a black wouldn’t be this close to our white house.

  2. nativenotes Says:

    So you think it’s alright to call small children “nappy headed hoes”.
    And thank you for your blatantly racist comment, I always prefer that a klansmen take their hood off, which you have done. We thank you!

  3. southernvoice Says:

    I think it is an American value to have freedom of speech and I don’t think my freedoms are conditioned on blacks’ approval.

    Political correctness is about silencing all debate and opposition and taking power from people such as myself and giving it to people like you who have not legitimately earned it.

    If obama can’t take the heat he can retire.

    Its always about race. Your blog for instance. Its only racist when white people do it. Therefore I don’t play that game.

    If someone’s head is nappy how can it be an insult to call them that? Please explain.

  4. traceyricksfoster Says:

    That’s what I love about this country!!! Free Speech!!! The real problem with most politicians today is that they lack back bone and they are cowards. Anytime a campaign endorses a narrow-minded and ridiculous comment aimed directly at another candidate’s CHILDREN shows a lack of morals and pure COWARDICE. I have African American daughters…I am an African American woman with dread loc’s…and I embrace my “nappy-headed-ness” in ALL of its’ glory. But as far as being called a “ho”, history tells us that Caucasian men can’t get enough of African American women! As usual, Caucasian women are jealous and running scared!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if a Caucasian woman wrote that particular caption!

  5. nativenotes Says:

    You must think your a wordsmith, I love how you have tried to back away from your original argument and have brought up freedoms of speech and such. If you would like to play that game, I will play with you.

    You said “yeah we’ve lost our values alright. Otherwise a black wouldn’t be this close to our white house.

    Now did I make it about race or did you make it about race. Your comment articulates the racist sentiment here in America. How dare a black man be this close to your white house. I am disappointed in such talk because it shows that as a people there is a lack of progress.

    Can a black man not be competent enough to lead our country, if your answer is no then my friend you have some serious soul searching to do. What about a black man becoming president makes you think that we have lost our values? That does not make sense. If someone is competent and has a clear sense of judgment and the mindset to lead this nation out of destruction and back towards our rightful place then why not”

    Nappy headed hoes, you are more than suggesting that it is ok to call young black girls nappy headed hoes. How ignorant is that, these young women are at the tender ages of 7 and 10. If you feel it is alright to disrespect them then you need to revaluate some things in your life. ie. respect of women.

    And before you judge my blog, read my blog, thanks!

  6. southernvoice Says:

    I think the article is about an art exhibition traceyricksfoster. No politicican called Obama’s kids anything.

    Yeah I feel so sorry for black people because everyone is so racist against you. Make no mistake, white people just sit around thinking about things they can do to black people. Everyone is out to get Obama cause he be black.

    Many many African American people could go to college but most are in prison because white people are racist. If I were you I would move to Africa.

    White people keep you out of the nice neighborhoods too. That is why black neighborhoods are full of crime and drugs because white people keep you down. Finally a black man made it to the Presidenial nominations. White people have been overcome which they richly deserve.

    I know white people who just cannot abide the thought that a real African American as in Kenyan American is going to sit in our white house. They plot about what they can do but the best they can come up with is to shout “hey obama your kids are nappy headed hos”. they heard that on a rap song they accidently listened to from a loud radio on some kids’ car at the mall.

    There is no doubt that white men just love black women and I know plenty of white women who are just green with envy.

    I think its the big black butts that white men find so alluring. Possibly it could be the big lips or even the nappy hair. As we know, white women have skinney boney butts and they’re just no fun.

  7. nativenotes Says:

    ok sister I thank you for your comment obviously we have an ignorant man on our hands who we have tried to engage but he lacks the ability to have a reasonable conversation.

  8. southernvoice Says:

    Native, you are correct to be suspicious and on the alert. White people don’t want Obama in the White House. It is the intellect and dedication of blacks that is responsible for Barack’s win against Hillary.

    White people are desperate because they rightly figure that the blacks have outwitted them and they are at a loss as to what can be done.

    It is very lame of them but the best they could do is to call Obama and Michell’s kids nappy headed hoes and I think its a shame.

  9. southernvoice Says:

    Native, does that look like a man’s picture beside my post?

  10. nativenotes Says:

    Southern Voice wouldn’t it be great if we could overcome our differences and move on to create a better America. The longer we are fighting within we are creating a more desperate America. That won’t benefit me nor you. Sorry if you are a woman and I called you a man. Do me a favor please, type the word nigger in the search. Read my nigger piece, I would love to hear your thoughts!

  11. southernvoice Says:

    Ok. I tried to debate with you but obviously I lack the ability to have a rational discussion. My hood keeps covering my eyes so I can’t see.

    I guess I better go now. You hang in there and don’t let whity get you down. Bye

  12. southernvoice Says:

    nativenotes why don’t you just give me the link so I don’t have to type the n word. I don’t want to offend you.

  13. southernvoice Says:

    Native let me give you a clue. If you want America to “move on” I suggest that you move on and quit seeing racism every where.

  14. nativenotes Says:

    stop this whitey gets you down stuff. i welcome debate, i welcome intellectual thought but you thinking it is ok to call young black women nappy headed hoes. I can not co sign that.

  15. nativenotes Says:


  16. nativenotes Says:

    I actualy do not see racism everywhere but I am aware that it exists.

  17. goodtimepolitics Says:

    Thanks for speaking out southernvoice, this American agrees with you! Obama and his wife has used the racist card for their own good to win votes, which the blacks has used racist to gain jobs over the white man, better schools than the white man and if Obama the black muslim gets into the White House the congress will have its hands full trying to impeach him! He will screem racist every 5 minutes!
    Check this out! And while you are at it I have many good pages explaining who Obama really is!

  18. sbrooke Says:

    Southernvoice…I’m all for freedom of speech. I’m also for thinking before you speak! “Yeah we’ve lost our values alright. Otherwise a black wouldn’t be this close to our white house…” <— example of true colors being shown! If you think its okay for artist or the media to go after young children then you have some serious issues.

    “Why should Baracka be treated any differently than the Clintons or anyone else in public life?” This comment alone pisses me off!! I thought it was Hilary Clinton was running for President not HER and HER HUSBAND!!

    Accept the fact that there is A BLACK MAN runnning as the Democratic Candidate for the President…..”THE CLINTONS” – Just didn’t win.

  19. nativenotes Says:

    southernvoice please do not start to rally up with goodtimepolitics. this person is delusional. They like to create false claims, and wow blacks take jobs from the good white man. Actually the good white man takes jobs from the good white man and sends em over to 3rd world countries so they can make more of a profit. Widening the gap between you and them.

  20. traceyricksfoster Says:

    I, too, see racisim everywhere. But by being alert and informed, it is possible in this day and age, to be ‘armed intellectually’ and fortified.

    Oh….and I can not help but quote Malcolm X: “….You can not buy anthing in the Black community without the governments approval. You can’t even crack open an alcoholic beverage in this country without a government seal…” So, to a great extent, yes, Caucasian America IS responsible for the condition of Black America. With public schools failing because of the lack of government funding and support, the withdrawal of a substantial amount of monies from college financial support programs such as PELL grants…all of these monies have been diverted to the ‘so-called war on terror’, what hope does a Black youth have in this country? They want the American dream as it is played out on tv… AND 90% of American television is Caucasian owned and operated ANYWAY!

    Now, for the first time EVER, Black youth can be TOTALLY inspired by the historic trek of Barack Obama. I really could care less about what narrow-minded and ignorant Caucasians have to say about Obama. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll be able to fix the horrible mess that eight years of Bush has made.

    Check me out at: traceyricksfoster.wordpress.com

  21. Puja Says:

    “Obama and his wife has used the racist card for their own good to win votes, which the blacks has used racist to gain jobs over the white man, better schools than the white man”

    – first, the white man has won votes for many years because he is white. How many races do you think the white man has won based on the SOLE fact that he is white. I personally believe its just another factor in the mix – McCain: White, US Naval Academy, Republican, Husband, Father, from Arizona, AMERICAN. Obama: Kenyan AND White, Columbia, Harvard, Democrat, Husband, Father, from Kansas, AMERICAN.

    – second its not better jobs or schools – its the same jobs and schools. and If you feel blacks (or latinos or asians ) are taking whites jobs well welcome to America where we live in a capitalist economy based on competition . If you would like to be standards and quotas concerning who can get jobs based on race and/or socioeconomic status – they you are in the wrong country!

  22. nativenotes Says:

    tracey when you post your blog on blogs add the http so ppl can click right from there. http://traceyrickfoster.wordpress.com

    great comments Puja

  23. southernvoice Says:

    Here is what i think of your article about the word nigger.

    for two hundred years America was a White Anglo Saxon Protestant or WASP country. We created the greatest nation on Earth.

    After WW2 the jews came to America. They are the ones who changed our immigration laws so that we get immigrants from places other than Western Europe. They wanted America to be diverse, not because it was good for America, but because it was good for Jews – so that they don’t stand out as a minority.

    Remember, even a Catholic running for the White House was controversal when John Kennedy ran.

    That is the lesson.

    Diversity doesn’t work. When WASPs ran the government there had to be a civil rights movement because the WASPs favored those of their own ethnic group over the general welfare.

    Jews sought to make America diverse in order to serve the interests of those of their own ethnic group at the expense of the general welfare.

    Now Obama will sit in our White House and black people are not only cheering him on but they are difiant and nasty to white people as though now their time has come and they can get revenge or prove something.

    Diversity doesn’t work.

    Today America is a country of various groups with each seeking its own interests at the expense of the general welfare.

    its easy for blacks and jews to want diversity. But it is white people who have the most to lose.

    Blacks are obsessed with the word nigger. I laugh if someone calls me a hillbilly or a redneck. The difference is that blacks have not forgotten history even if white people have.

    People never forget. Thats another reason why diversity can’t work.

    If you look at it from my pov I have nothing vested in seeing blacks or jews or any other minority get power. Thats just the way things are.

    Its like I said, its always about race. Blacks are still struggling for power and to overcome their status. Jews are a rich and intellectual group who are the real threat to America. Not the Muslims or the Arabs.

    At times I feel fine with diversity. I truly don’t hate anyone and I dream of traveling to various countries and experienceing a world without borders.

    At other times I feel a great loss at what we have lost in America, our great WASP culture, our heritage and our religion are under attack continually.

    People overwhelm us with their numbers and they just keep coming because of what we made America into. The UN perdicts that by 2050 America will be overwhelmed with immigrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle EAst because of globalization. Neither our Constitution nor our way of life can survive. When those people come they will destroy America and the very things they come here for.

    Where will white people go? White nations from Canada to Australia to Great Britian are under stress and there are muslim riots in Norway.

    Yeah we defeated the Indians and we could defeat the Jews and we could defeat the blacks and we could do whatever we choose. But we welcomed the world and everyone gets the greatest gift that they could ever have and that is equality under the greatest Constitution the world has ever known.

    yet we are the ones who are labeled racist as people enjoy the freedoms and priviledges that we secured for them.

  24. southernvoice Says:

    For the record, the media and the government are run by Jews miss tracy.

    Obama has appeared before AIPAC and sworn alligence. the jews are the moneybags who own obama. not blacks. Thats what makes your zeal so sad.

  25. southernvoice Says:

    puja, the white man should have won elections. This has been a white country. White people founded it and white people wrote the Consitution and white people built it.

    At any point if any of you feel guilty about what the white man did to the indians or to anyone else you are certainly free to leave the United States and go else where so that you don’t live in a country that was founded on blood.

  26. nativenotes Says:

    Southernvoice if these things that you write are how you feel then I know that I can not change your mindset.

    Its interesting how you relate this country, the constitution, and the claims that you make about the country. They are all very interesting. We have to agree to disagree, some of your comments are very bigoted, you may not see them as such but I do.

    Diversity is actually what makes America great, the melting pot of so many diverse cultures. You did not find America, you can not discover something that was already being inhabited by people. Sadly this “great white America” that you speak of will spit you up and swallow you whole for the right price. It’s not about you, its about greed, its about money. You pay the same high prices for gas that we do, you are lied to by the government just as everyone else is. Why you take such pride in bigotry is beyond me. But we agree to disagree and here on this blog i like to welcome freedom of thought, so feel free to peruse the site and see other things that you may either like or find fault with.

  27. southernvoice Says:

    gotta go but I will check back in the morning

  28. Puja Says:

    “People overwhelm us with their numbers and they just keep coming because of what we made America into. The UN perdicts that by 2050 America will be overwhelmed with immigrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle EAst because of globalization. Neither our Constitution nor our way of life can survive. When those people come they will destroy America and the very things they come here for.”

    – How exactly is it a bad thing that immigrants are coming to America? Immigrants only make America better, not worse. In America, the roads we drive on, the medications we take, the computers we type on, the businesses we work for, the restaurants we dine in – are all solely here because of immigrants. And not just Jews. Asians, Indians, Muslims, Arabs, Blacks, Latinos, Germans, Irish, Caribbean, etc.

    And I’m not quite sure what you mean by “they will destroy America and the very things they come here for”?

    If you mean taking jobs from native workers, I would respond that immigrants are taking jobs that others are not taking and that they are reviving dying industries (ex. cleaning hotels and shoe manufacturing).

    If you mean abuse of the welfare system, I would respond that less immigrants receive welfare benefits than the US-born population (WASPs, as you would like to refer to them). The welfare problem is just as bad or worse in poor white America as it is in poor black (or latino or asian or any other race) America. Corruption of a system such as welfare is always going to exist due to qualities in man, not a particular race of man.

    And what do you mean when you say “the very thing they come here for”? The reason immigrants come to America is to make life better for their children. I am a living and breathing example of that – my father came to this country with 8 dollars. While he was stringent with his money and was able to raise three children without going on welfare, I can see where the need for welfare arises. He created a life for me that was better than the life that he had and I hope to do the same for my children (and white children and black children and latino children, etc) – and the only reason such dreams come true is because we live in America. I will agree that America is not the “melting pot” many make it out to be – asians live with asians, blacks live with blacks, etc. However, the beauty of America is that so many different types of people live here and are ALLOWED to make contributions to their society.

  29. traceyricksfoster Says:

    This country was not founded by Jews, but by European Caucasians. If the Jews are running things here in America, it is only by the greedy permission of…Caucasian America. Trust and believe that when things get rough here in America for the Jews, they, too, once again will feel what it is like to be a minority. During WWII, America didn’t want to enter the war…they could have cared less what Hitler was doing to the Jews. In fact, it is a historical footnote that certain members in the Senate, Congress and the White House endorsed most if not all of Hitler’s policies against the Jews.

    I say this to drive home the point that NOTHING occurs without the stamp of approval of Caucasian America. And if Caucasian America is as fed up with the policies of one of their own…BUSH…as the rest of minorities in this country are, then Obama has a strong chance of becoming President.

  30. dancingmoogle Says:

    Hmm… I am white and a southern native, and I will be voting for Obama, so I guess not all whites are worried about an African American being in the white house. To me it’s not about the color of ones skin that makes a good or poor leader, it’s about what thoughts, beliefs, and choices that one makes. I have heard both sides of the argument, and I have made my decision on who I think best represents my thoughts, beliefs, and the choices I would make in the same circumstances. And the Democratic Party is that party for me. I would have also voted for Hillary if she had won.

    As far as calling anyone Nappy Headed Hos… well that is their right. Just as it is my right to think they are prejudiced for doing so. If I had children I would be upset if anyone called my daughter a Ho or a Whore. And for an adult to verbally attack a 7 and a 10 year old, well that is just being a coward. Sure you have a right to insult two prepubescent girls by calling them whores, but I lose all respect for an adult who would do so.

    As far as name calling, I don’t mind being called whitey, or cracker, or redneck, hick, hillbilly, ridge runner, believe me I know alot of them, but I have never been really called any of them by a non whites, but a few times by northern whites. And as long as I am not being beat up, even being called a dyke doesn’t really offend me. I tend to think that they are just being observant. But yes race, racism, and many other isms and phobias are a touchy subject in this country, and in a way I think we have become too sensitive, sometimes finding racism where it isn’t alway intended, but at the same time, there is a very real reason behind that sensitivity.

  31. cb Says:

    Without wanting to get into an issue of internal American politics – I am seeing things from the outside – I actually think that freedom of speech should not be allowed where it’s just a free-range right to be offensive to others. for what it’s worth, I found those photos offensive. I think being offensive to politicians is all well and good but not in the context of race or identity (or gender, for that matter, but that’s a completely different argument). But even worse is for children to be referred to and placed within that context.
    If that is freedom of speech – to be honest, I’m quite happy to live in a country that respects the rights of her citizens to freedom from incitement to racial hatred.
    More broadly, from where I stand (in the UK), I think that immigration (and I’m talking about immigration here although the issues and arguments are the same) creates a positive and richer environment on which to base a society – what is divisive is classifications purely based on separating one group from another – ‘the other’ has historically been presented as being something to free. Until we all talk together with respect and children play together without prejudice – fears will be allowed to be nurtured.

  32. southernvoice Says:

    First I would like to sincerely thank nativenotes for allowing all this free speech. Usually blacks or liberals delete all my posts rather than allowing for discussion.

    The propaganda is that diversity is a good thing. Good for whom?

    If diversity were a good thing we wouldn’t need political correctness.

    The very people who tell me how good diversity is are the very ones who are the most tribal. For instance the way all the blacks in America are rallying around Obama – its certainly not because of his stand on the issues because most people couldn’t tell you what he represents because they are completely unaware of the embarrassments he caused when addressing AIPAC.

    Today in the news is an article about how black conservatives are “torn” about Obama’s candidiacy.

    The fact is that nothing happens in America that is not approved of by the Jews who have been running America with their money.

    The last 8 years of a Jewish controlled White House have literally changed the very definition of America. That is what I mean by people coming here and changing America. Jews don’t care about our Constitution which is now trashed and set aside as they round people up and lock them away at Gitmo and torture them because they are enemies of podunk Israel.

    Jews tell us that we should remember what is now our state religion The Holocaust, so that it never happens again. Ha! They were telling us to remember The Holocaust at the same time Jews in our government were rounding people up. Our Constitution never survived the Jews. Do you think it will survive the Muslims.

    Jews attempt to get Christians out of our own government by talking about a separation of church and state and twisting what the Consitution says which is that the government can’t make an official religion or deny anyone the right to worship as they please. Its sickening the way you all believe and repeat the vile Jewish propaganda such as diversity making America great. If it made us great than why are we now in decline! Tell me that.

    There was never a time when Christians did not run every court house in this land but now they are under constant attack. Yet every politician, every educator, every editor across this land enforces the jewish religion of Anti-semitism and The Holocaust which are forced down our throats. its the jews that we need to get out of our government. Its their religion that is forced upon everyone else.

    As I said before, of course you minorities want America to be diverse. But what about what WASPs want? Shouldn’t we have a say in what happens in our own countries or should we just sit by while people wave Mexican flags in our faces and tell us what we owe them and how wonderful diversity is.

    What do you think will happen when Hispanics outnumber white people in America? All we have to do is look at how blacks have stuck together behind Obama. Neither the Constitution nor rule of law will prevail. We will certainly not have free speech because you will outlaw it in order to take away white power and opposition to what you want.

    The Jews have already made us into international war criminals by taking us into the Iraqi holocaust where we have slaughtered over a million Iraqis who never did anything to us. They did this even tho Americans were against it.

    It is WASPs whose blood that is in this land. What do these other people care about our Constitution and way of life. Nothing. They bring their own language and culture and way of life.

    When Muslims are a sizable number in the USA do you think our Constitution and religion will survive. The Jews already attack Christians all the time. Harold Meyerson wrote in the Washington Post about how Irving Berlin wrote White Christmas in order to take Christ out and to make it a winter holiday for everyone. This happened right after WW2 and our Christian Fathers and Grandfathers had saved Jews from the Nasis.

    Today they continue to attack our religion by demanding that we say “Happy Holidays” rather than Merry Christmas.

    CNN has reported that Muslims are saying its not a matter of if but when Great Britian goes Islamic. The Pope is concerned that all of Europe is going Islamic.

    You can talk all you want about how great diversity is because it is good for you as minorities but it is not good for White people. You get to come here and take advantage of what America has to offer – which is NOT contributing anything. Its all about you you you. No wonder you want to come here for a better life. I don’t blame you. But thats all you care about and then you act like its your right and we have nothing to say about it.

    If diversity is so good why do we have to secure a Jewish state for the damn jews. Rather than bring about the Israelization of America why don’t we bring about the Americanization of Israel and make podunk land diverse if multi culturalism is so great.

    This country was supposed to be One From Many. Now you are telling us how great it is to have all these different groups all fighting it out with one another. It makes me sick.

    It reminds me of the story of Solomon in the Bible where two women had come before him to judge who should get a baby. One woman had rolled over on her baby in the night and killed it and was claiming the other woman’s baby as her own. How could Solomon decide who the real Mother of the baby was?

    He told the women that he would divide the baby and give each half. Of course the real Mother began to cry and say no, just give the baby to the other woman. Then Solomon knew who the real Mother was because of the love she showed.

    I know who truly loves America. the ones who don’t want to see it destroyed.

    Not the ones who trample its Constitution and break its immigration laws and act like we have no borders even though we have protected them for over two hundred years.

  33. goodtimepolitics Says:

    I like for all you black people that are accusing people, that everything I post has been printed for the public by news outlets so I guess everyone is racist as far as you’re concern and Obama has a halo! Get off that shit and get a job and not a white person’s job, find your own! Since the 60’s companies has been told you have to hire so many blacks no matter how stupid they are! Its not the 60’s anymore its 2008 and you blacks have more than the white people cause you have lied about racist and used the race card to even get welfare! Your non-sense is just that!

  34. goodtimepolitics Says:

    You blacks can not take the truth can you? Hey we white people didn’t hold you down and paint you black, so quit blaming us for it!

  35. nativenotes Says:

    you just like controversy. Your irrelevant statements are of no importance, no one here is saying you whites or anything of that nature. You resort to such lowly tactics because you do not have the intellect to debate.
    So is it really that we are stupid and taking your jobs or is that you were not intelligent enough in the first place to get a job.

    Small minded people like yourself crack me up. You are always welcome here, but if I were you I would go read a book before I enter because there is real intelligence over here and you being white will not protect you from the wrath of rational thought. Goodnight!

  36. Holding Endorsement of Obama Cause he May Be Connected to Terrorist? « Goodtimepolitics Says:

    […] goodtimepolitics Says: June 14, 2008 at 7:41 pm […]

  37. Adam Baisley Says:

    I am extremely embarrassed at the illogical rationale used here within this post. Please forgive me for saying this but obviously gtp and sv are hate mongering quasi-illiterates that are afraid of real change in this country. Regardless of the issues name calling and racial/ethnical slurs will not change the problems in our country. No problem regardless of the issue can be solely attributed to one ethnicity or race, to believe so is the epitome of ignorance and arrogance. To believe that diversity is wrong is so callous I can’t even comprehend your lack of rationale. This election should not be about race or ethnicity, or religion, it should be about instituting positive social change. Who is better prepared to bring us out of this dark abyss that we have been plunged into under the current administration? That is the only relevant question that needs to be answered. As far as the perception of the ‘nappy headed hoes’ piece, you couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s not meant to be perceived as an attack, it’s meant to be perceived as a question/answer to the legitimacy of the racial slur of Don Imus. He’s not calling them nappy headed ho’s, he asking you why they were called nappy headed hoes. He’s trying to debunk racial stereotypes. Obviously the educational system here within our country has failed otherwise this would be obvious to everyone. Duh……..

  38. goodtimepolitics Says:

    Small minded people like yourself crack me up.

    You don’t say! Well its you blacks that think this country owe you something that are on crack and has small minds! Look at the newspapers list of arrest for crimes and 8 out of 10 are blacks! Look at the actions of the people in Jeremiah Wright’s church and his taking God’s name in vain and tell me that its nice to be like them! Tell me all this when you grow up to be someone and have a life! I have news for you, we do not owe you blacks anything and if anyone owe anything its you blacks that owe the United States for all your wel-fare checks! Pay up or shut up!

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