Fox News calls Michelle Obama “Obama’s Baby’s Mama”

Last week it was that Barack Obama and Michelle Obama were exchanging “terrorist jabs”. Now they are calling Michelle Obama Barack’s “baby mama”. This nonsense is not going to stop obviously so the best we can do is combat these racist measures and attempts to smear the next President of these United States.

I often wonder about the intelligence of the people who make such idiotic decisions. I am offended for the Obama’s. They are determined to smear Barack Obama and his wife at any costs, and they wonder why America is in the state it is currently. It is because rather than deal with real issues like health care, the economy, and poverty instead we like to divide ourselves along silly racially charged bigot lines.


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2 Responses to “Fox News calls Michelle Obama “Obama’s Baby’s Mama””

  1. traceyricksfoster Says:

    So true. Two days ago, FOX issued an apology regarding the remark. It is definitely sad that eventhough Obama has made historic strides in this country, for not just African Americans BUT for ALL Americans, he can be torn completely asunder by a racist and degrading remark. Was this not the same so-called cable news channel that hurled self-righteous judgements at Obama concerning the ideology of Rev. Wright?

    Hmmm. As usual, FOX is a self-serving, racist network that everyone loves to hate!

    Check out: Lavande & Chocolat Amer at traceyricksfoster.wordpress.cpm

  2. Adam Baisley Says:

    What do you expect from an opposition party that analytically speaking has ‘no teeth’, meaning that at this point they are desperate and will say or do anything to achieve their goals….


    F ~ Fictitious
    O ~ Ongoing
    X ~ eXploitation

    How else are they supposed to get raise their ratings? They’re like the televised version of STAR / National Enquirer magazine’s and The Howard Stearn Show!

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