Pat Buchanan calls Barack Obama Exotic: CODE WORD “BLACK”

So Pat Buchanan has already let it be known that this is how the Republican Party will fight this upcoming fall. By inserting “code words” about Barack Obama and his candidacy. Code words like exotic, what exactly do you mean Mr. Buchanan.

It’s like “he’s exotic” which means what, he’s different also known as he’s black. Do you really want a black president! Then they get into the experience debates and more but you can expect for Karl Rove and others to rear their ugly heads. Punks! Think about it, when you’re a child and you are having a debate and you have nothing of substance to argue you start to make jokes to grab the attention of the people. Hoping they follow along with your silly stereotypes and mis-representations because you have nothing of substance to say. BUCHANAN GROW UP!


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3 Responses to “Pat Buchanan calls Barack Obama Exotic: CODE WORD “BLACK””

  1. goodtimepolitics Says:

    So what, is Obama ashame of being black? This is worst than calling anyone black or white! πŸ™‚

  2. Puja Says:

    ah pat buchanan – a favorite of native notes πŸ˜‰

    I’m having mixed feelings about this one. My inital reaction is like yours, Buchanan needs to grow up and realize he lives in America where there are all types of people – including exotic.

    However, I also believe that Buchanan is just another man with a view of America and maybe the “grow up” response is what he wants. We believe his comments don’t dignify a response but he believes that he is engaging in debate and winning because we aren’t responding in an intellectual manner. Don’t get me wrong – I’m with you on this one – his comments are wack and don’t deserve an intellecutal response – but from his perspective they do…I know that was all over the place but does that make sense?

  3. Adam Baisley Says:

    Wow this video shows the incestuous immaturity of your typical republican political strategy….. When really important matters are brought up revert to childhood playground tactics!!

    Aww don’t vote for Obama, he’s a new guy, no one knows him, and he’s exotic!!


    Well at this point can he really mess up our country any worse than the republican party already has?!?

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