Not Guilty Child Pornographer of the Day


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One Response to “Not Guilty Child Pornographer of the Day”

  1. CHI Says:

    i don’t know the man so i can only go by the information i have read or have seen on television. from what i understand: he was sexually abused as a child; is illiterate and has had a fixation with young girls for some time now, even before he was said to have married aaliyah when she was fifteen. i read somewhere just today that his former manager (aaliyah’s uncle) believed that kelly needed psychiatric help with this fixation. some are saying that there are people kelly (most of them work for him) have been allowing their young daughters to be around him in order to create the inevitable and then extort money from him. this was said of this particular situation. if this is accurate then this is a truly said situation on many fronts. first because you have a young boy sexually violated by an adult and whose parents or caregivers apparently never sought help for him. i haven’t heard of a child molester who wasn’t abused as child and develops this type of fixation. from what i understand without psychiatric help many of them are slow to develop mentally and emotionally. now he’s famous and in turn those who are aware of this weakness, so to speak, put him and young girls in compromising situations for the sake of getting paid with no concern for his welfare or the welfare of these young girls. it’s just really sad.

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