White Women’s fear of Black Men in Elevator Spoof

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13 Responses to “White Women’s fear of Black Men in Elevator Spoof”

  1. missy Says:

    Why can’t I find stuff like this on youtube?! LOL

  2. Puja Says:

    omg that was so funny

  3. Kaleidoscope Says:


  4. OMG - Bmore Says:

    Absolutely…..dead on!!!!!!!!

  5. nativenotes Says:

    yea this joint had me rolling

  6. christopher Says:

    at least 25 times per week i have an experience like that in the small racist town i live in

  7. Tom-P Says:

    Woah…That’s amazing! HaHaHaHa!!!

  8. FRANKLIN Says:

    They did another one!

  9. nativenotes Says:

    yea theyve got other ones, there hilarious. I was thinking of regularly posting them. for some odd reason they haven’t caught on the way that they need to, their hilarious!

  10. FRANKLIN Says:

    You should definitely post them! It’s hard to find good stuff on youtube unless someone sends it to you, you know?

  11. nativenotes Says:

    franklin how do u find them?

  12. FRANKLIN Says:

    Someone sent me a link to here and then I went to youtube and saw their other videos. How did you find it?

  13. nativenotes Says:

    Franklin we here at notes of this native son support your work. im sure we’ll post more

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