The Assassination of Barack Obama


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14 Responses to “The Assassination of Barack Obama”

  1. Paul V Says:

    I voted Hilary Clinton, and only support Hilary Clinton, No matter what Hilary Does suspend her campaign concede her campaign. No matter what Hilary does she could even support Obama and campaign for Obama I will never Vote for Barack Obama, I do think Amercia is ready for a black president, just not Barack Obama,,, The way The Democratic party handle this election with the Corporate Media propaganding this whole election, Turned this election upside down,, Obama could of ran over someone,, like Haley Berry, No one would care and still vote,, Obama..
    There several million Voter right now like my self, will not ever vote for Barack Obama, Many like my self will be Voting for McCain, my reason is simple,, the Obama voter came on CNN & MSNBC and said if obama does not win the primary, Obama supporter will vote for McCain, Democratic party did not do anything to the obama camp to stop ,, why is obama party splittin the party in half, Now pelosi and many other are blamming Hilary and kept on with the propaganda Corporate Media, Obama Said on the new so many time,, does not Matter, if your Democrat or Republican,, you want the right person for the right Job,, He is so right,,when He said that we wanted Hilary,, Well Congrats to Obama his supporter got him to the primary,,,but He will never win the election,, for Prisident, I will not stop with my blogging,, who is the best man for the job between Barack & McCain,, will vote for McCain he will be way better than Barack Obama, I can put up for McCain for 4 years and Hilary Can run again, Pelosi and the rest of the democrat party,, days are number at this point, For pushing Hilary out and ruining her Career, Even now During Clinton Exit speech,, Democratic party Told Hilary if she does not back there little puppet Barack Obama they will ruin her career,, In my opinion They all ready Ruined Hilary Clintons Career, Right Now I am goint listen to one thing Barack Obama said, and that is, like I said, it does not matter if your Democrat or republican who is the right person for the job,,,, Hillary supporter need to stick together, Vote for McCain or just not vote for we need the right person,,, Hilary is up on stage right now saying what pelosi and the democratic party are telling her what to do,, or Economy is down and the way the propaganda Media is,, we are turning into a 3rd world country,, by rigging the election thru the media, Hilary Supporter who really want Hilary to be president Need to vote for McCain or just not Vote for Barack Obama, let McCain win,, there nothing more he can do as president, Congress will not let him it Congress who controls everything,, not the president, Pelosi and the a lot of the democratic party ruined Hilary Career, If all Hilary Voter, stick together, than We can restore Hilary Career and make her President, in 4 years. if you vote for Obama we have to wait maybe 8 years or 4 years and republican will be office, if Obama wins the presidency he will only be 4 year term,,, I say give all your supporter not to the democratic party, but to Hilary Clinton.. democratic party needs all of them need to leave office and get fresh people in there, who can unite the party not keep it separated and force unity, to who they want not who the voter want,, Hilary would of won this election, DNC screwed her with floriday and Michigan if those vote were counted at the beginning she would of won this race along time ago..and for the sexest Media, Like CNN & MSNBC… will continue to not report the new but Make it up as they see fit, All Hilary supporter need to unit together.. and stick together,, Margaret Thatcher was prime Minister 30 years ago,, but American Men and New Bias, is keeping woman down for personal gain, Like Keith Oberman, & Chris Mathews Who are the biggest Sexest on this MSNBC stations,

  2. lonetruth Says:

    Well it’ll probably happen anyway. Best to raise awareness, hopefully the Secret Service can be better prepared for any scenario.

  3. DC KING Says:

    @Paul V , so if I understand you correctly …PAUL, you would rather risk 4 more years of American lives lost due to war in Iraq, rising gas and food prices, and unemployemnt just to get Hillary in office, you have to be on something , you can try to say that the media is biased towards Barrack etc, you’ve obviously not been watching the same campaign I’ve been. I’ve watch them throw everything at the man, Flag Pins,Rev. Wright, The cling to coment made abut rural voters while he was at a fundraiser in San Fran. etc, even bring his wife into play. Then you bring up Florida and Michigan, and blame the DNC for handing Hillary defeat, (ridiculous) how is it that ?Especially when all democratic candidates agreed that the votes in Fla & MI would not count b/c they violated party rules and moved their primaries up , as well as not including all candidates names on the ballot, ? Now when she realizes that she is not going to win the nomination, she wants the vote to count, how is that fair? Hillary lost fo one reason and one reason only, she thought she already had the nomination, before the primaries started, and as a result of that she underestimated her opponent. I respect Hilary & Bill’s accopmlishments, but I do not respect their slash and burn tactics during the primaries, nor the tactic of this endless rant to try to further divide voters.I suported Hillary in the beginning, but Barack won me over . We need to unite the party, it’s time to stop whining and start winning move on. if we endure four more years of Republican foolishness, it will be b/c people by yourself chose to cut their nose off to spite their face, and stay divided.

  4. CHI Says:

    When Clinton’s supporters speak of the reasons NOT to support Obama in the general election, I’ve noticed that they come off like Stepford-like drones reciting statements (almost verbatim) made by Clinton herself, much like the comment of PAUL V. Nothing sounds authentic or seems to display what they actually believe. Will they actually walk to the polls like robots and cast a ballot for McCain without even thinking about it?

  5. CHICKABEE Says:

    I am a black woman 59 years old raising grandchildren. I did not know that we had people still stuck in the racial past of yesterdays bigotry. Much of America is in debt to China and the rest is up for sale. Basically everything we buy comes from another country. How did we get in this mess? Well it seems our very experienced politicians democrats and repulicans have sold the american people out. This is not about that young man name Barack Obama. He’s trying to help solve problems that experienced politicians over the years have gotten us into. We must have a change if we are going to survive for our next generation. The american dollar is losing its value in the world. Can you bitter people look beyond all this Clinto-Obama love-hate stuff and unite for our common good, our children and grandchildren. McCain wants to keep us involved in the same old insane politics that got us into the situation we’re in now, but more of it. What’s wrong with trying something or someone new. Don’t miss and trip over the stone that could have been the building stone to a better America. We need each other, black white, brown, red, yellow, male, female, rich or poor. We are all americans that should be UNITED AMERICANS for a common cause, TO WIN OUR COUNTRY BACK, OUR INTEGRITY AND ENRICH OUR ECONOMY. Hillary and Barack are americans just like you and I who want a better AMERICA. WE DID NOT CREATE OURSELVES AND WE DID NOT CREATE THIS UNIVERSE AND WE DID NOT EVOLVE. WE HAVE A CREATOR AND WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN CHANCE AFTER CHANCE TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER AND CARE ABOUT THE NATURAL RESOURCES THAT WE WERE GIVEN. NATURAL DISASTERS ARE HAPPENING ALL OVER THE WORLD AND WE HAVE NO CONTROL, BUT OUR CREATOR DOES HAVE CONTROL. LOVE HAS A GREATER OUTCOME ANYTIME OVER HATE BECAUSE OF ONE’S COLOR OR RELIGION OR SEX. LET’S LOOK BEYOND EACH OTHER’S FAULTS AND SEE EACH OTHER’S NEEDS AS OUR CREATOR DID FOR US ALL.

  6. nativenotes Says:

    thank you for your words. they are right on point and right on time. once again thank you

  7. Adam Baisley Says:

    How can an artist be arrested for portraying the convoluted idiosyncratic nature of society? What was his crime? Generating awareness for the distinct possible outcomes of a democratic presidential nomination? How ridiculous!! I pray to god that he sues the pants off the NYPD for obstructing his right to freedom of speech/expression. How morbidly draconian is it in this day and age and specifically in this country, the supposed ‘land of the free’ for an artist to be arrested for merely making a political/social observation/statement. This is atrocious!! For the general population to not be outraged at this obvious injustice is to concede all hope of resisting a country bound by martial law. This is not communist Russia, this is not red China! WTF were those police officers even thinking? This is not what our founding forefathers envisioned when they chartered our sweet land under the U.S. Constitution. This is a mockery of everything sacred to our society! This is exactly what we can look forward to if John McCain is elected, the increased decay of the societal fabric that once made this country great. So what’s next are we going to arrest and detain every artist or citizen that tries to express their personal beliefs about a society gone politically mad? What is wrong with this picture? Well I guess the old saying: “You become what you hate” is sadly true as this vile exploitation of human rights confirms……what a sad day to be an American……..

  8. nativenotes Says:

    turns out he wasn’t arrested, he was detained however for a few hours. I believe they suggested that he not re-open the exhibit for fear of his own safety. but if he was arrested as was originally reported then that clearly would be the beginning of the ending.
    now on the flip side adam, how do you feel about the exhibit?

  9. Adam Baisley Says:

    Although it was satirical in nature I think that it is important for any person of political or celebrity stature to expect to be viewed in a variety of contexts both positive and negative. As far as my personal opinion, I believe that although some of the exhibit was crude ( as is art and life), the basis was from my limited perspective (since I was not able to fully immerse myself within the entire gallery collection) a homage to the perceived characteristics of both Hillary and Obama regardless of the content . Now I personally don’t believe in this person’s exact views because I do not know him as an individual… but I do believe he has a right to portray his beliefs, regardless of what they really are. To quote Andy Warhol “Art is anything you can get away with”. With that being said, maybe there is some perversely morbid attempts at humor in here that further fuels the divisiveness of racial inequality…… but maybe this is the artists attempt at using reverse psychology to draw attention to this same aforementioned social affliction. I didn’t look up the website displayed, because personally I don’t care that deeply about it, I know what I perceived the meaning of the exhibit to be. This is because as an artist myself I am constantly exploring the dichotomic nature of man’s plight on earth through the juxtaposing perceptions of the situations we encounter. Add to this a minimal degree of understanding of the concepts involved in modern psychology and it becomes very elusive in finding the true meaning……. thereby inducing the thoughtful viewer into a state of contemplation that might just fall outside of the constraints of daily mental stimulation………and maybe make them learn about something!! or to others as meaningless garbage which they thereby ignore. Personally I think that this artist was trying to draw awareness to what could conceivably happen with Obama as president. Because let’s face it, JFK was assassinated in his presidency, as was Abraham Lincoln. The sources of beneficial change will always encounter steep opposition regardless of how ‘modern’ or ‘politically correct’ society claims to be. Now in my opinion there are two ways to interpret this exhibit 1) as a twisted tribute to the perseverance of Obama (and the Black race in general) over time amidst all the opposition t(he)y face or 2) as a sad/scared attempt at humiliating and undermining his cause. Either way the main objective of this exhibit (wether it was a tribute or a farce) was to draw attention (i.e. media coverage) to what is really going on and what is really at stake here in this presidential campaign, which means sparking debate about the issue at hand (the american future). Now collectively speaking it would seem to me that the easiest way to seriously start a productive dialogue of such epic proportions is through an attempt (albeit however immature) at humor as seen in the large phallic pieces in the show. However at the same time it is extremely important to address all the repressed emotional energy of an entire race as seen with the noose pieces in the show. It would seem to me that regardless of the artists own personal views he is attempting to portray an idea that runs the full gamut of all the most extreme emotions that can be felt, and I believe he did this specifically to have the harshest impact on the largest amount of people possible. Now regardless of his intentions, the truly important question is; Is this artist a glorified egomaniac relying on ‘shock value’, or is he a marketing genius? or both?

  10. joanne Says:

    The Art:

    Do we really need to be reminded just how sick our country has been and still is in some ways. I, like many other citizens of the USA realize that any change from the way that this Country has been run, is going to be very dificult. Ignorance, greed, and racism, will fight hard to keep their place in this society. Thisi is the time that has come for our politics must change. This will benefit all people. Unfortunately, every sicko will see this as a time to crawl out of the woodwork. I join with the many many Americans know that this can be a time, that we all can learn to put our prejudices away for good! God has called on Barak to lead this county out of darkness. I pray that we all will join him in this awesome struggle ahead.

  11. Adam Baisley Says:

    LOL! If art doesn’t exploit the social dynamics of a society, then how else do you raise awareness of specific issues? Especially ones as volatile and explosive as racial equality, horrid economic policies, degrading social morality etc etc? Obviously the main stream mass media outlets (i.e. televised news, radio, internet etc) are a hot commodity in this endeavor, but unfortunately they have often been compromised to selectively bombard targeted audiences and gloss over the truly important aspects, in a sense offering a biased view. In most cases Art makes an impact, and then allows the viewer to draw their own conclusions about an issue….. whether it is biased or not, the goal of art is to challenge a person’s perception of an issue so that they consciously choose either to further investigate it, or dismiss it, as solely interpreted by the individual…… The simple fact is, artists have always been a catalyst for change by capturing and portraying the collective characteristics of a population, the pulse of the people if you will. Yes shock factor can be construed as collateral damage but the important thing to keep in mind is that the dialogue is enhanced and furthered as more people become engaged, which is exactly what America needs, seeing as how secular and isolated society has become in the one sided pursuit of personal gain. By perpetuating social polarities as defined by racial, economic, and class warfare; the objective of keeping people from sharing ideals, and insights is achieved and thereby keeps them from collectively developing into a true universal community. So yes I do believe that we need to be reminded of how sick our country was and still is, how else are we to instigate change unless people are constantly bombarded with the facts? If your not outraged then your not paying attention! Don’t take this the wrong way, but obviously closing your eye’s to the ongoing atrocities in front of you and praying for a better tomorrow will never work. The problem with bringing God (wether he exists or not) into the rationalization of any issue further clouds the legitimacy and validity of its point, because it reeks of lunacy and dilutes the true issue at hand. Why do you think that abortion and gay marriage issues are always brought up during political debates? So that the really important issues that truly matter are swept under the rug as an after thought. Its the oldest trick in the book, watch what my right hand is doing, while my left hand steals your wallet. Why do you think that criminal prosecution rates escalate exponentially during election years? So that these same people who are to be ‘taken care of’ by the system can be silenced. Unfortunately the worst crimes in history from the crusades to slavery have ALL been perpetuated “in the name of god”. The heart of the matter is, God really has nothing to do with the plight of the American people. We are where we are because of this same close minded blind faith in our political leaders as people put into their respective religion. In effect there is rarely any accountability in todays society for the after effects of legislation and it’s social consequences because the politicians are pampered with extravagant salaries and grossly inflated benefits in order to ‘buy’ their integrity (realistically defining their employment as the epitome of prostitution) All too often people of rigorous religious faith are too easily swayed into actions that have a negative detrimental impact because of these simply ridiculous statements involving god. Don’t get me wrong I’m not slandering religious faith, I believe everyone has the right to peacefully participate in any religion they want, so long as it doesn’t turn into a religious pissing contest full of hatred and strife like the current predicament in the middle east. I just think that our founding forefathers had the right idea to to keep Church and State affairs completely separate. Just because someone uses ‘God’ or any other symbol to perpetuate their political agenda doesn’t mean they have the best intentions. Take for example the purple icon next to joanne’s name; it is a very ancient symbol of wealth and good fortune. Most people know it as the swastika, vilified by none other than Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. Does this mean that joanne is condoning racism and bigotry? No!, It means that A.H. was trying to associate the Nazi Party with good fortune and prosperity to cover up the fact that he had a genocidal agenda for all of Europe. This same reasoning needs to be applied to current political figures. What did GWB say right before the invasion of Iraq? “I had a dream last night and God told me that invading Iraq was the right thing to do…..” Was it really?!? Was toppling the regime of a petty tyrant worth incurring the combined hatred of the majority of the muslim world as well as bogging down the U.S. Military in a quagmire of logistical nightmares resulting in a steady stream of American casualties and deaths really what ‘God’ thought was prudent? I truly doubt it. This is why it is so vitally important to divide religion and politics into two completely separate categories that should not be mixed………. unless you really want to relive all the horrific religious persecutions set forth since the middle ages by the vatican in the name of ‘God’

  12. Kobie' Solomon Says:

    As deep and effective as the content and messages contained within the exhibit were, as abstract and relevant as many of the core concepts may or may not have been, I feel that this exhibition may have been a somewhat misguided endeavor.
    Art and elements of such a high end and sophisticated nature are often misinterpreted by the masses.. There is too small a percentage of people open minded and spiritually objective enough in this country to properly absorb the truths/fallacies behind the work.

    But that’s just an opinion.

  13. Adam Baisley Says:

    Please forgive me, I think that your opinion is a very real assessment of how dire our situation here is, unfortunately you are absolutely right, but still that doesn’t mean that people should ‘dumb down’ theIr ideas. We can’t afford to live in a world such as that portrayed in the movie ‘Idiocracy’. I think that just because the artist’s ‘statement’ was misinterpreted doesn’t mean it was misguided. It just goes to show how abjectly our educational system impacts our society here. With such a dismal outlook, it just reinforces the concept of a need for real change on a plethora of levels here within the U.S. Only through increased awareness (better education) and proactive communal involvement (smaller government on a bigger scale) can we implement the changes that we need to drag this once great nation back to where she belongs. Lets face it, global opinion of our country has decayed to an unprecedented level, our economic standing continues to plummet on the global market as we continue to outsource jobs overseas, the dollar is weaker than it has been in decades, we’re in the middle of the worst recession this country has seen since the great depression, within our own borders we are in a continuous state of chaos, as one natural disaster after another constantly becomes mismanaged, we have the highest rate of incarceration out of any other country, millions cannot afford proper health care, education or nutrition, but we can afford to go traipsing around the globe bringing ‘freedom and democracy’ to indigenous peoples? We are quickly becoming a nation ruled by the very forces we fought to suppress through out the revolutionary, civil, and cold wars. As a nation we owe China $270+ Billion in outstanding loans……. these are the same people that we so vehemently fought against as the ‘communist scourge’ of asia, and now they bankroll us?!? Our own popular voting system has openly been compromised and elections have undoubtedly been rigged. Our domestic and foreign policies have become rife with corruption and outside manipulation by ‘special interest groups’ and corporate lobbyists (sounds like bribery to me). Our own constitution, the actual physical/moral fabric that we base all of our governing on is being shredded by ‘vague (mis) interpretations’?. We are on the fast track to becoming a third world nation ourselves run by despot tyrants (some would say we already are) What a sad state of affairs to be in after decades of political blundering…… Especially since we were once seen as a beacon of hope for the pursuit of freedom and the enlightenment of humanity. Lets face it, as a nation we need help! Obviously you cannot deny the fact that the current political tactics just won’t hack it anymore……… unless you enjoy the idea of changing the wording of the national anthem to “the land of the unfree, and the home of the naive….” Why is this? Where did we go wrong? How do we change it? Ironically/sadly enough these answers can only be attained in high end sophisticated thought processes………. Which is exactly what this exhibit was trying to engage……

  14. TiredofthisBS Says:

    Anybody else just sick and tired of all this self stroking commentary? The democrats aren’t going to fix gas prices, end the war on terrorism, and put a chicken in every pot. The republicans aren’t going to fix gas prices, end the war on terrorism, and put a chicken in every pot either.

    I say we gag the media until October 1st, and then have weekly debates by the candidates, with call in questions, that aren’t pre-scripted by political hacks. Let the best man win.

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