13 Yr old lies on Myspace, gets 2 men arrested

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2 Responses to “13 Yr old lies on Myspace, gets 2 men arrested”

  1. lonetruth Says:

    Yeah this is some fucked up bullshit right there. However, the victims could have avoided this bullshit a few ways.

    1. Ask for her ID.

    2. Ask specific questions. A 13-year old cannot answer certain questions plausibly (example, “What do you think of Hillary Clinton’s attitude towards healthcare?”).

    3. The victims should have been watching more TV (“To Catch a Predator”), and possibly open their ears and use their brains.

    Problem is, many guys put in that situation automatically switch to thinking with their penises.

    I firmly believe that this young girl should be taken away from the parents, and the parents charged with Child Neglect in the first degree. But obviously that won’t happen because it’s too Common Sense… better to let them keep pimping out their daughter just to get attention.

    I hope that whole family catches AIDs and dies quickly.

  2. Osay Says:

    Ummm I don’t know about the AIDS comment above, but I agreed with most of what lonetruth said before that….

    I do think it’s sad and unfair that the men are punished (if they truly didn’t know) and there are no consequences for the teenager or her parents. So now the judge is restricted by the law to put these men in jail, but he/she also knows that this girl is purposly misleading older men who will inevitably be punished….and they do nothing? Not a fine, probation, nothing….?

    Yet another serious flaw in our “JUST US”system. Yes the men could’ve been smarter, but honestly….how many would ask for ID?

    Furthermore, it’s funny parents can get hauled off the jail if their kids don’t go to school, but when they have sexual pictures on the internet and have sex with older men, appearently that’s ok….. hmmm……

    Well I for one am not down for being in the prison system and will be asking for “government-issued” ID from now on.

    And Ced: “because of these lies, …..and probably raped in prison once the correction officers spread the word on the block what these brothers are in for.” << A$$hole!!! LOL!!!!!!!! Hilarious (even though it’s really not….)

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