Pardon me

Like water spilled on the ground, which cannot be recovered, so we must die. But God does not take away life; instead, he devises ways so that a banished person may not remain estranged from him. 2 Samuel 14: 14

In another bible I read this same verse read “All of us must die eventually. Our lives are like water spilled out on the ground, which can not be gathered up again. That is why God tries to bring us back when we have been separated from him. He does not sweep away the lives of those he cares about – and neither should you!” The first thing that stood out to me was the analogy of life and water. I thought of how when a cup spills onto the ground, the water soaks in whether it is concrete or soil. You know I like metaphors so I started thinking about how in a perfect world life would be more like a counter top and we could run some of the water off the edge back into the cup but this is not the case. Life is like the concrete, jagged at times, smooth at others. It can be like the soil, plentiful for growth or it can bury you alive.

Just made me think about how when a moment is gone, it is what it is! That moment is gone, we can not live life by the water that is spilled but more by the moments we still have left to live. Making the best out of those opportunities. I like how it speaks of God bringing us back when he feels we have been separated, it shows the compassion the Lord has for us. That he will continue to protect us if we allow him to, he will not just discard us as if we never existed. All in all from today’s verse I recognize that life is short and we must make the most of every moment that we have, fill our days with love and glory. Set out to accomplish what will make you feel whole, what will make you feel warm in heart. And while doing so if we make mistakes, let’s be thankful that we have a God who will continue to hold us down. How will we hold him down? Peace and Grace be unto you!

Proverbs are the daughters of experience.


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