Lil Wayne Speaks on Good Ole Al Sharpton

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3 Responses to “Lil Wayne Speaks on Good Ole Al Sharpton”

  1. Puja Says:

    lol this is interesting….a little too much talking in a song for me but hes got a lot to say and I always love to hear different people’s opinions on things…. great use of don’t let me be misunderstood….I don’t know if I like his use of the song or common’s better….tough choice!

  2. Shavekia Says:

    Well… This song was composed very interesting. Wezzy F was expressig himself, very well. I enjoyed it, and agreed on a lot of things that were very relavent. Thank you lil Wayne for putting your heart into every MONSTER ASS song you create!

    Love Much

  3. Dooley C Says:

    Well…I think it is great dat he express his feelin and all before it comes out in the wrong way. But any track he get on he gon murk it. Also its also good he spilled his heart out. He is THE BEST RAPPA ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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