Breaking News: Barack Obama resigns from his church


This Just In, Barack Obama has officially resigned as a member of Trinity United Church of Christ. Who didn’t know this was going to happen? What are your thoughts.


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3 Responses to “Breaking News: Barack Obama resigns from his church”

  1. sethandray Says:

    When I first heard the news, I wasn’t happy. I thought Obama buckled under pressure and was running scared playing politics. But really, more than anything, this was probably the best thing for the church. They were getting a lot of unjust criticism and negative attention. My question now is, what does the Catholic church think of this latest guy who was preaching there?

  2. Osay Says:

    Well to answer Seth…..

    They can’t stand him, although they won’t say that publicly. He’s been an activist for a long time in the City of Chicago speaking out against Howard Stern, rappers, liquor corporations, and anyone else he feels discriminates against or misleads the African-American community. He fits the molding of a Baptist preacher more than a Catholic priest and I hear he’s had more than a few run-ins with the Archdiocese of Chicago (especially for adopting a few African-American youth) and they’ve threatened to fire him a few times in the past (I believe Rev. Wright led a campaign that prevented that from happening). You can check out some of his info and activist work here:


    Now Barack….. WOW!!!

    While I understand Obama’s doing what he has to do to win, I agree with your previous post Sandz…this is such a cop-out. If he’s allowed people’s comments about his church and pastor (which he has admitted to not agreeing with) separate him from his church, what else will he succumb to? He still has my vote, but my confidence in him being able to do what needs to be done is waning. Like most African-Americans navigating through dominantly white professions, I can see him starting to compromise who he is, to get where he wants to be. The only problem is if you start to compromise too much, you’re no longer the person you were when you started and no longer have to passion to ignite the change you wanted to see in the first place.

    No one asked Catholics to leave their churches when priests were being charged and convicted of child molestation. McCain didn’t even face this much criticism when pastors that were tied to him made derogatory and “separatist” remarks. The fact that Obama cannot see (or refuses to admit) that all of these criticisms are racially motivated frustrates me. Anyone that knows how to navigate the internet can easily see what type of church Trinity is. They have live internet streams of all three of their services every Sunday. I don’t even argue with people anymore, because it’s clear that ignorance is bliss and those who choose to be ignorant can only be helped God himself.

    I just hope now the spotlight is off of Trinity UCC & Rev. Wright. He built a truly great church and they did not deserve any of the persecution they have been receiving.

    I guess at this point all we can do is pray for Barack. I hope that he looked to God before making this major decision at such a trying time in his life. And I pray God provides him with the guidance and direction he needs moving forward because this decision is not going to make his campaign any easier.

  3. FJ Says:

    I agree with Seth, it is best for the church. The church shoudn’t be forced to deal with this because one of its members decided to run for President.

    Beyond that, Obama seems fine with it. I think he’s prepared himself to make whatever personal sacrifices he has to in order to become POTUS. He certainly can’t have the position on his own terms. This is not our country. It ultimately is on their terms or it won’t happen. Personally, I wouldn’t do it but I’m glad there’s someone who is willing and prepared to go out on a limb.

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