Father Pfleger Apologizes, Barack dissapointed

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Well real rap, I’m disapointed in Barack right now. Here is his quote “”That is why I am deeply disappointed in Father Pfleger’s divisive, backward-looking rhetoric, which doesn’t reflect the country I see or the desire of people across America to come together in common cause.”

Like Barack are you serious, do you not see the monkey t-shirts, do you not hear the backwards muslim rhetoric about you my brother. Do you not constantly see the racism and white privilege that exists in America. Just because I support you brother does not mean that I will allow you to lull me to sleep with this beautiful America, that across the country people who are campaigning for you are not being met with blatant racism.

We can never advance as Americans if we lie to ourselves, If you continue to make it look all peachy keen, how can we ever address the issues and provide plausible solutions. I realize that my vote alone will not get you elected my brother. However, neither will this appeasement of white voters and making them and us believe that their is not some truly divine hatred in this country for your presidency because you are black. My brother we both know better than this.

Father Pfleger, as a white man I am shocked that the media even bothered to condemn your comments, it is only because you are outwardly supporting a black candidate. I noticed that you said some, yes some, not all whites are racist and not all blacks are in jail. Stereotypes rip through our society and are given as false truths. However your portrayal of Clinton seems accurate to me, it’s accurate to the cartoonist who posted the picture below. They weren’t bastardized for their comments, so please do not apologize for speaking what is truth, far too long have we allowed ourselves both black and white to be lied too.

We will never progress if all we do is sweep our problems under the rug! Sounds to me like the same old Washington Politics with this one Barack, WE CAN DO BETTER. YES WE CAN SI SE PUEDE!



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3 Responses to “Father Pfleger Apologizes, Barack dissapointed”

  1. FJ Says:

    Part of being an effective leader is to be able to build consensus. Obama is a politician that is trying to build consensus across differences. Sure he sees the monkey tee-shirts and monkey West Virginians. But the perpetrators of that nonsense are not his core consituents and if anything are the “fring” of Americans who will decide the race. If they were the mainstream he wouldn’t have gotten this far.

    Most politicians will say and do what they need to do to get elected. I don’t think Obama is any different.

  2. nativenotes Says:

    this is mr native notes mobile status. Shout out to the iPhone, Apple needs to cut this check.
    I agree with you Franky J, but if we agree then that discredits Obama and his message of changing typical Washington politics.
    I know he knows better, I am just getting tired of him always having to distance himself from truthful statements.
    One of my fears is that we will keep supporting these appeasement statements saying this is what he “has” to do to get in the White House. Then he gets in and the tune becomes “well he has to do this so that he can get re-elected”.
    And please believe this is not just talk from a black man wanting a black president to worry solely about a black agenda. Not at all, I recognize that we need an American agenda, an agenda that is multi-faceted and benefits the “people” of this country. We can not do that if we lie to ourselves about the reality of our situations!

  3. Osay Says:

    Well it looks like I’m back on my soapbox……..

    At what point does this become ridiculous? Next Obama will have to apologize for what people say at the candy store his kids go to. Why is it that Obama has to constantly apologize for what people who are not involved in his campaign while Hillary is free to get away with half-a**ed apologies about “assassinations”? I feel like I’m in high school at the freaking lunch table.

    I was in the service where Father Pfleger spoke and that video clip was 2 minutes of a 40 minute sermon that was focused on love and respect for one another regardless of race or creed because that is God’s will. He also spoke to the ingrained racism that is the foundation of this country and the US’s “DO As I Say, Not As I Do” mentality. It’s funny how none of that made it to the internet or CNN.

    I also think it’s funny to hear people say why don’t “they” just be quiet so Barack can win? It’s not Rev. Wright or Father Pfleger’s responsibility to get Barack to the White House, that’s *OUR* responsibility. Their responsibilities are to lead and inspire God’s people and speak out against injustice, to be the prophets God called them to be. The Bible is full of prophets who spoke out against the government and were persecuted for it. Asking them to be quiet till Barack gets elected is like asking a police officer to stop arresting people. They’re doing their job. They didn’t ask to be in the spotlight, the media that’s criticizing them did that. Nothing else has changed. They’re preaching the same messages they’ve been preaching for the last 30-40 years.

    I’ll continue to pray for Barack, Rev. Wright, Father Pfleger, & Trinity. At this point I feel like that’s all I can do.

    Father Pfleger’s Sermon
    “Jesus’ Un-Answered Prayer”
    John 17:20-23

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