Gas Prices Reach $9 in Europe


Bout to be some HELL UP IN EUROPE. While we moan and groan about paying 4 dollars a gallon for gas, the Europeans are paying an average of $8.70. This is insane, like oil companies are making their highest profits ever while everyday people are more than struggling trying to afford a basic neccessity.

If gas reaches $9 here in the States, I don’t know what I would do. I am so good on going back to riding a bike, I don’t care how healthy it is. Riding a bike was for my pre – sixteen days. The Europeans are staging tons of protests and will more than likely grow angrier if something is not done about the price of fuel. These protests are not just angry people in the streets, they are hitting industries in their pockets and the industries are even protesting. Truckers, fisherman, farmers you name it they are protesting. They unlike Americans hold their governments accountable.

Last night a few friends and I were discussing the impact of Barack Obama and I believe that he is encouraging the people of these United States of America to stand up and become a part of our government so that we can change the system. While at a first glance the previous statement may have nothing to do with rising gas prices in Europe. Think again! I just told you the European governments are trying to do something to calm their people because they know that they are informed and will utilize their right to vote to allow their voices to be heard about things they are concerned about. Maybe one day we Americans will start to think in a similar fashion!


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One Response to “Gas Prices Reach $9 in Europe”

  1. Osay Says:

    Well you could always get a scooter. I hear they can fill up their tank for $10 and be good for like 3 weeks! LOL

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