Young Gifted & Black: 2 brothers earn 3.6 million in scholarships

2 brothers

Congratulations to Logan and Ryan Dawson; two young brothers who have graduated high school, escaped the trappings of the stereotypes of young black males, all the while earning a record number amount of scholarships from America’s top Universities.

And the young men give all of the credit to their mother, their original Queen who instilled a strong work ethic and sense of determination into the two twins. Penn State, Univ. of Chicago, Cornell and University of Georgia are just some of the schools that these two talented young men have been accepted into for the fall.

I am thankful for young brothers like these but because they defeated the odds that are some times so heavily stacked against minority men. Secondly I truly wish to commend their mother who raised these two young men as a single parent. Her tireless effort is paying off in the millions right now for these two young men. We often discuss when their are negative issues to report, today let’s celebrate our triumphs!

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3 Responses to “Young Gifted & Black: 2 brothers earn 3.6 million in scholarships”

  1. RuM$ Says:

    This is what its about! I’m extremely proud of these young men even though I don’t know them. This is the epitome of young black men doing something spectacular and empowering. Things like this should be highlighted in newspapers as much as murders and the war on oil. This part of that fraternity of the talented tenth Dubois was talkin about. This post is inspiring and it’s a movement that I am glad to be a part of myself as well as the writer of this blog. We are getting ready to make a splash like has never been seen.

  2. sbrooke Says:

    Aww this is GREAT! I love hearing about positive news about our black brothas….I know Momma is all smiles! 🙂

  3. CLC Says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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