Negro Cocaine Fiends Are A New Southern Menace

This was written in 1914…. HMMM.. Thoughts?



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One Response to “Negro Cocaine Fiends Are A New Southern Menace”

  1. CLC Says:

    Yeah…I ‘m thinking the true menace was whomever brought it over. That’s what I think. People are sooo stupid. They have no entrepernuerial skills what so ever. Even in 1914, the black population was responsible for a large majority of the agricultural work that was being done – which in turn was the primary source of income for the south. SO, why would one bring in alcohol or drugs ( two substances that are certain to negatively impact your source of revenue)? If anything, you would have prohibited such indulgences and made certain to invest in your workforce to ensure they were always capable of handling the task at hand. BUT, who am I?….

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