Boston brings it to Detroit in Detroit

Congrats to the Celtics, finally we are seeing teams winning on the road. I think Detroit will take them the distance but ultimately it will be L.A. vs. Boston. East Coast LET’S GET IT!



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4 Responses to “Boston brings it to Detroit in Detroit”

  1. sbrooke Says:

    Big-ups to the LAKERS!! lol (I had to do it!)

  2. RuM$ Says:

    awwww…no u didnt try 2 claim the bean after u was goin hard 4 them 2 lose 2 lebron… u make me sick! lol

  3. CLC Says:

    As a native 🙂 of the West Coast – ultimately it will just be LA. Good luck and good night! LOL

  4. Puja Says:

    lol she said good night and good luck…..ed murrow v. mccarthy style…

    cavs d-league team moved to erie, btw….yeah NW pa….haha

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