Usher – Here I Stand Album Review

Usher - Here I Stand

There will be no free downloads of this album from my site, however I will let it be known that the album is on the money. Many rumors have been circling around the internet and the blogs that Usher was about to drop a dud.

Well if you’re a 5 year old and can not appreciate a man’s growth through his music then you will probably not like this. But if you are ready for a sincere to R&B, I mean that real rhythm and blues then I suggest you go out and purchase Usher’s new album when it drops on Tuesday, May 27th.

From the beginning to the end of the album Usher will bring you on a roller coaster journey of a man and his emotions battling love and facing his fears head on. “Moving Mountains” finds Usher more than comfortable while divulging his feelings about a love going down the wrong path. Those who have been there can relate to the metaphor with ease and are fighting for Ush to move the mountain, climbing and hoping for things to change. What can you do?

“Prayer for you” is just an interlude but you can see the growth in my man Usher singing a prayer for his little man. I remember back when Usher was a young dude singing “just call me a mack” and now he is showing the true evolution going from the ladies man to now becoming a family man.

A sure hit for the radio “Best Thing” finds Young Hov and Usher riding the beat getting the ladies ready for a hot summer!

“Appetite” will be a favorite of all these gossip sites looking to throw some salt or hate into dude’s new marriage. He’s hitting the fellas with a message though telling us not to feed our appetites or we’ll be trying to get into the crib but the key won’t fit no more.

All the Ladies looking to find that special dude will hope that when the time comes that he serenades them with the words to “Before I Met You”! A beautiful dedication to the special one in your life, like I said Usher is definitely showing growth on this one, not the same player from Confessions!

Everyone is going to attempt to compare this album to Usher’s last but that will be their first mistake. You can not compare the two; Usher released Confessions at 25 fresh out of break up. He is now 29 and a happily married man with a child, in those four years there has obviously been a lot of growth and it shows on Here I Am. Quality Product, I’ll be buying the retail copy as soon as it drops on the 27th!

Usher - Here I Stand
1. Intro
2. Love In This Club featuring Young Jeezy
3. This Ain’t Sex
4. Trading Places
5. Moving Mountains
6. What’s Your Name featuring
7. Prayer For You Interlude
8. Something Special
9. Love You Gently
10. Best Thing featuring Jay Z
11. Before I Met You
12. His Mistakes
13. Appetite
14. What’s A Man To Do
15. Lifetime
16. Love In This Club Part II featuring Beyoncé & Lil Wayne
17. Here I Stand
18. Will Work For Love

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5 Responses to “Usher – Here I Stand Album Review”

  1. pamela Says:

    ummm…i dunno if i agree

    I’ve only heard about 6 tracks on the album and im not particularly impressed with any…..i think moving mountains is NOT single-worthy, only reason why its the next single is because the record company prolly dropped the most dough to get that track produced by timbaland….(and have u seen the video? GAR-BAGE, makes me like it even less)

    “trading places” is the same exact recipe but doesnt nearly taste as succlenent as “thats what its made for” on confessions, or “twork it out” on 8701…

    “echo” is cool….doesnt look like it made the cut to thw album though….

    ….i just feel like the magic touch is missing this time around, cant quite put my finger on it….

  2. pamela Says:

    i apologize for the spelling errors, i’ve been trying to step up my typing and not look at the keyboard lol…O:)

  3. D_Rich Says:

    I got the CD yesterday, its mad crazy! Its well worth getting! My suggestions are:
    3. This Ain’t Sex *****
    4. Trading Places *****
    5. Moving Mountains ****
    6. What’s Your Name featuring ****
    9. Love You Gently ***
    10. Best Thing featuring Jay Z *****
    11. Before I Met You ****
    13. Appetite *****
    14. What’s A Man To Do *****
    16. Love In This Club Part II featuring Beyoncé & Lil Wayne *****

    Over half of the CD is nothin but FIRE! The others I left off are good tracks, but these are standouts for sure!

  4. greg Says:

    Mrs. pamela I couldn’t disagree with you more. I think the album is damn good. I think alot of people will try to compare it to “Confessions”, which won’t be fair because they are entirely two different albums. This album shows how he has matured as a man, and I respect that. I’m just glad he didn’t try to make another Confession, because diversity is the key to longevity.

  5. rik Says:

    Damn Confessions was a good album, but i agree with pam on this album, i think he chose to collaborate with the wrong people, Kanye West is overly popular atm and they would make and awesome sound, I also dont like all the soppyness which takes up most of the album and you dont get that transition to bobbing your head and wanting to get up and dance like the 1st 2 albums, usher is the man and i’ll listen to the album more and hope it grows on me but i wont be listening to this album 4 years later like confessions im sure!

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