New Minstrel Show Winner

thing 2

While sitting at home last night with some good friends yapping about relationships and the double standard between men and women somehow the channel gets changed to the season finale of Flavor of Love Part III. Utter trash, while watching this and surfing the internet I wondered how this is the highest rated show for Black Americans, as Roland Martin has stated the figures represent this show to be.

I remember being a little boy and wearing a medallion and feeling a sense of solidarity of my blackness from members of Public Enemy and the knowledge they shared with me through their records. I had to start researching and see if Chuck D, whom I have a great amount of respect and admiration for was co-signing this coonery. I was happy to see that he was not on board with Flav and this nonsense but still considered Flav a brother. That’s important to me, similar to what Obama said, we can not disown our families but we do not have to agree with some of their idiotic behaviors.

So Flavor Flav can be seen on VH1 setting the black race back with his modern day minstrel show and his minstrel video hoes. Yep I said video hoes, these women parade around selling sexual images, in their scantilly clad outfits for the world to see in hopes of a break. It worked for New York and a few of the other women who have graced this tv show but what the hell are they thinking?

The winner, her name on the show is “Thing 2”! What kind of degrading nonsense is that? Come on Flav you have to do better than this. Please do not mistake my tone for one of the black bourgeoise whose head is stuck too far in the clouds to laugh. Look through the blog, I laugh all the time but Flavor Flav disgusts me with this chauvinist nonsense. If you were ever looking for the epitome of a NIGGER, or a COON, a dis-credit to the black race than look no further than Flavor Flav. How do you sit and learn with PE and spew knowledge to generations of hip hop heads and then turn around and be the largest proponent of despicable images of black men and women.

I guess you’re laughing straight to the bank Flav, well keep laughing away your self respect. Flavor Flav SUKKS!



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19 Responses to “New Minstrel Show Winner”

  1. CLC Says:

    Her mother doesn’t love her.

  2. Night Day Says:

    From another point of view, this show has broken records of reality TV Shows that0 some said would never be broken. The producers found a money machine and kept milking it. Rather than us “Black Folk”, keep trashing another man because we dont agree, we can choose to turn the TV off or change the channel. They make money off of people watching the show.
    But instead we continue to watch it and continue to complain about another Black man’s success

  3. nativenotes Says:

    another black man making his money huh. you must not be familiar with what public enemy represents. there are always going to be trash shows and I will continue to find better alternatives to watch. However Flavor Flav and his coonery is counter productive from the message of self empowerment that Public Enemy spewed in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

    Birth of A Nation broke records for films, monetarily, with its camera usage and angles. Does that not mean that it was counter productive to black people as a whole.

    *Birth of a nation depicted blacks as violent, white women loving, incompetent coons spawning the Ku Klux Kan (the nation) symbolically in the movie!

  4. Night Day Says:

    See the problem in my view is that people live to much in the past and can’t realize that people change just as the world changes. Ok so now we want to talk about Public enemy, does this show change their legacy, NO, so why cant we let people do what they want for their lives. If He wants to make money so what.
    Capitalism, is the way of the world. Dog, eat Dog. make money and leave your past behind.
    Long Live Flava of love, He probably made more money in one episode than any hit album with PE

  5. nativenotes Says:

    i thought to dignify you with a response but I was reminded that you like to play the devil’s advocate. Long live prosperity to people of color. The revolution will not be televised, and in a revolution some people have to be killed. I hope you are not one of the people who has to be killed!

  6. Night Day Says:

    I will be one of the REPUBLICANS you will try to buy the guns from.

  7. nativenotes Says:

    yea bitter clinging to guns that sounds like u. BITTER

  8. Night Day Says:

    Well its ok, you fun loving people go vote for BO while us winner will be in the White House again

  9. Night Day Says:

    and Flava Flav will be right there yeeeeahhhhhh Boooyyyyyyy

  10. nativenotes Says:

    u know what you kind of look like Flav. I’ll buy you the clock for your birthday. I mean you are both old as hell, black as hell, and quite frankly ugly as hell. FLAVOR FLAVVVVVVVV

  11. Night Day Says:

    WOW see its just like you brothers with Color Complexs to want to insult another brother. See thats a problem, we cant make money with out being sell outs or have coonery shows, but we can go to law school and sell our soouls, wow, such double standards

  12. nativenotes Says:

    Law school and sell our souls. Last time I checked brothers who go to law school help teach the youth and prepare our younger generation to be future lawyers, judges and legislators. You may not be aware but those three people often help make and determine the policy that governs incompetent fools like yourself.

    Sell your soul, you’re the greedy capitalist. I wish I could have a picture of a greedy watermelon eating money hungry baffoon then I would have your picture right here on the site.

  13. Night Day Says:

    I was asked not to respond to such a blatant show of self hate. Listen brother you need help. if you want I will help but you must ask. I shall no longer play your games of insult, because I dont want to stoop down to your lower level. but if you want to come up and rise about like McCain in the GE, then join me on the right side

  14. nativenotes Says:

    stoop to my level. I’m taller than you Jerk. You need to step up a few steps to mess with me. But I was taught not to argue with fools because people from afar can’t tell who is who. I wouldn’t want people to think that i am you!

  15. Night Day Says:

    Young brother, you would only want to wish you could be me. the only way you are higher than me is height. Listen please take your democratic views and write another posting because im done with you

  16. nativenotes Says:

    ur only a republican because they give the rich tax breaks. strange ur not rich jerk, just delusional!

  17. Night Day Says:

    Keep the names coming, Republicans in the White house in 08 will be more than Great

  18. pamela Says:

    WOOOOOOWWWWWWWW….(Flava flav voice included) lol

    i dont even know where to start with this one so im just gonna move to the next one


  19. CLC Says:

    special..just special.

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