SWAY from MTV and his cronies have lost all credibility. Like it was bad enough that the list of hottest mc’s was horrible. Like how is Rick Ross 5 spots above Andre 3000. How is Common not on the list at all? And how do you have a lengthy discussion about Soulja Boy. Like for real now Soulja boy is considered rap, what were the lyrics to that song again! GTFOH

How is the deciding factor, LYRICS? Seriously Sway I had a decent amount of respect for you but to allow this trash to be representative of the hottest MC’s is really disheartening. It just furthers that the merging of Hip Hop and mainstream is the death of Hip Hop as an art form and the creation of a very lucrative business.

So I click back to and I see that they have an honorable mention list. TRASH! Like Kick Rocks MTV and your cronies who know nothing about what Hip Hop is, or what it means to be an MC. This should be the hottest ringtones list, like just because you create a buzz with some bubble gum rap does not mean you are an MC.

Like Talib Kweli put out an amazing album this year, I knew he wasn’t going to get any love because he’s under the radar. But for Common to not even get an Honorable Mention, all of you so called Hip Hop heads lose your credibility. Kanye West, just how you have spazzed about your own injustices in the past, I need for one of your tirades right now about fellow G.O.O.D. Music artist Common. Sway, get some balls and put a real squad of hip hop heads together and make a real list. You have to man, you have to save your credibility on this one fam, Hip Hop needs You!



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  1. CLC Says:

    I’m mad you gave Sway the little bit of credit that you gave him at all. UGH! Yes, I too, would like to know how Rick Ross beat out Andre 3000. You’re kidding me, right? YOU’RE KIDDING ME!!!!

  2. pamela Says:

    firstly, andre 3000 (even though i am a VERY big fan) should not have been on the list, neither should have been jeezy….THEY DIDNT EVEN HAVE ALBUMS come out this last year!!…..This is not about whose the best MC…its about who has the most swag, whose been featured on the most songs, and whose sold the most ringtones……To me, the best MC, is someone who 10 15 20 years from now, people will be listening and bumping to that song like it came out yesterday….i dont give that garbage “lollipop” till august before it gets brushed under the carpet, hopefully for good….

  3. CLC Says:

    Sway is still a wreck. Just admit it.

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