Racist Whites in WV will not vote for Barack Obama

Courtesy of the Real News Network. The older black woman hit it right on the head!


You know just because you and someone have different views it does not mean that they are wrong. But after watching some of this video and listening to some of the people’s reasoning I am convinced that idiots should not have a right to vote.


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3 Responses to “Racist Whites in WV will not vote for Barack Obama”

  1. borealdreams Says:

    Idiots shouldn’t be allowed to blog either, but they are still mad Vanilla Ice ain’t beating Michael Jackson in total album sales 😉

    I wish only “pockets” of this existed, but “racism is like apple pie,” the only up side is the younger generation has grown a distaste for apple pie.

  2. Puja Says:

    This video is definitely a look ahead as to what Obama will experience when he is the nominee.

    I know I’ve told you this before, but the views expressed in this video are not at all shocking or new to me, given that I grew up around racist whites.

    However, I strongly believe the focus should be on what can be done to fix it, rather than name-calling. An idiot by your standard may not be an idiot by someone else’s standard. And lets face it, a lot of Americans think this way…

    So I believe the better approach to take is to figure a way (and I know there is no “bright line” answer and the media doesn’t help) to combat the racism and to educated those with skewed views on Obama about the truth. Its the ONLY way he’ll be able to overcome racism, get elected and bring changes to the world.

  3. CHI Says:

    I guess I will never really understand just what is it racist whites are afraid of. That blacks will overtake the world? And maybe I’ve missed something but I don’t get when people say they don’t know what Obama stands for. Aren’t all politicians kind of blurred in that respect? The woman in the diner looks…I don’t know thirty-something I’d expect an attitude like hers from older whites but I suppose her parents must be proud with the level of fear and ignorance they instilled.

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