Philly Terrorists Under Investigation

13 of the 15 cops that brutally beat down 3 black men last week have been placed on a leave of absence from the Philadelphia Police Department. It is believed that the police officers acted this way because they “thought” the men they pulled over were those who recently killed a police officer. A case of mistaken identity in Philly gets three black men brutally beat down – physically and mentally.

The physical abuse is apparent just by watching the 1:32 clip. However the mental anguish these young men are dealing with is immeasurable. What does it feel like to be terrorized by the people who your taxes pay to serve and protect you? How does it feel to know that this type of injustice is only tolerated because of your racial make up and socio-economic background? I hope the Philadelphia Court System does more for justice than the New York Court system was willing to do in light of this recent tragedy.


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