Lil Wayne Still Drinking Syrup


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9 Responses to “Lil Wayne Still Drinking Syrup”

  1. BRENDA Says:


  2. BRENDA Says:


  3. yourcynicalbruh, esq. Says:

    So why is this news? Dont get me wrong drug abuse is a serious problem and I dont believe it should be taken lightly however, I have serious issues with feeling sorry for people who have money and who chose to make dumb decisions. It’s not like this cat is living in the projects and doing drugs to ease the stress and anxiety of poverty. This fool has more opportunities than I do and he’s squandering them. So why should I give a damn!

  4. Leo Says:

    WTF?!?! I get your point about the whole drug thing but this is insane. I don’t get what people see in him rap wise. He’s not that nice, really inconsistent and at times makes absolutely no sense (case and point).

  5. nativenotes Says:

    u know what Leo, I’m not the biggest fan of the brother myself. but when i tell you walk around and you will see everyone form the ages of 8 to 38 spitting his words. like his reaching capability is rediculous. And just as a black man I am worried about him. Some 16 year old watches this, thinks hes cool. Logs on to wikipedia, next thing you know hes poppin pills and drinking syrup. Its jus that easy man and that worries me.

    Im not here to bash wayne, I feel like people need to reach out to him and help him!

  6. Ally Says:

    Yes i agree with you .. I am a HUGE fan of wayne. I see him all the time drinking syrup. and i get hurt because i know that all he is doing is killing himself slowly … And its not like he want to stop … I mean he says that when he try’s to, its death to his stomach. Wayne is the type of person like ‘it is what it is’ . He really doesn’t care to live or die .. And that hurts me, but it’s really nothing to do, but pray… Cuz like i said he not trying to change.

  7. WeezyFWifey Says:

    Okay….Im kinda in the middle on this one here cause im like the ultimate weezy fan, i love him to death and know all his songs word for word….but i guess i never really thought about his lyrics like that…i mean, some music is made to be HEARD….other music is just made to be listened to…there is a difference, its whether or not the listener is able to capture that and define which is which….in most of his songs hes not meaning to be out here having little kids pop pills or do anything else like that…hes got his own family, you really think he would want that for someone elses family? No, its not his intensions so i dont think anyone should hate him for it….cant blame the man for another persons mistakes…dont you take control of your own actions and dont you get punished for your own mistakes? Its his way of life…yes, i do agree that children shouldnt be out there listening to this shit and then right away start fuckin up by takin pills and doing whatever else, but people make mistakes…some learn, some dont…thats just life….just hope and pray that whomever listens to the lyrics doesnt do anything stupid by it…and its not just Lil Wayne lyrics…theres MANY others out there….theres nothing we can do about it whether you like it or not, its still gonna be around, its life…we gotta just learn to deal with it…and keep young ones that YOU know away from stuff like that!

  8. nativenotes Says:

    I am definitely worried about Wayne’s affect on the children but right this second I am more afraid for him. like countless people od on drugs, I just don’t want to see him waste his talent. He has a daughter, the comments he makes sometimes are so reckless even about her and his baby mother causing the young lady to have to defend herself and her child. strange.

  9. jazelle23 Says:

    what is syrup?

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