Pardon me

Now therefore , Our God, we thank thee, and praise thy glorious name. I Chronicles 29: 13

Pardon me for sending this message out so late.,I had my first final exam this morning. I really like to get into the message of the day in the mornings, I really like to vibe with the word and sometimes that takes a while. However this morning I had to get into Property Law and ready myself for the exam; easements, mortgages, future interests, that sorta stuff. Today’s scripture is very short but powerful to me. Last Monday I felt as if I truly knew nothing and I was unprepared for the exam that I just recently got out of. While no grade has been submitted yet, I am confident in the knowledge I put forth.

I could thank myself, and I could thank my friends who helped me prepare for this exam. However most of my thanks has to go to our Creator for the effort he put forth in helping me get through this test. He gave me the mindset to prioritize my studies and allow the information to flow through my brain. He has afforded me kind friendships that looked to help me with material they saw that I was struggling with. He even spoke to the Professor and made sure that he made a fair exam that I would be able to articulate the necessary arguments. So I praise his glorious name and remind myself that all things are possible through him. Peace and Grace be unto you.

God is good, all the time!


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