Philadelphia Church Burning

This morning a fraternity brother of mine gave me some bad news about his church burning down. News reports state that the Prince of Peace Baptist Church which is located on 32nd and Berks Street in the Strawberry Mansion section of North Philadelphia has burned down and caused other neighboring houses to catch fire as well.
However let the Glory be to God because in this time of trials and tribulations, its members are not losing hope. A woman was quoted saying “”It’s bad seeing this happen,” she said, “but I firmly believe that in this God will get the glory. We have a crusade coming up in May. We’re not going to let this stop us. We’ll find a way.” My prayers go out to the community in which this church resides, the church itself and all of its members. They will get through this tough time and they will be blessed even more as they remain faithful to the word of God.


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4 Responses to “Philadelphia Church Burning”

  1. Night Day Says:

    Im not the most religious person, but when i saw this title it grabbed me for some reason. I wish those in that community well wishes and members of that church many prayers.

  2. FJ Says:

    I can imagine that congregation is devasted. I know how I would feel if that were to happen to my church. They will bounce back from this.

  3. Earlene Says:

    Please tell your frat brother to contact me. I just want to be able to talk to at least one member of the congregation to see if they even know that my sister’s house burned down as a result of the fire and no one from the congregation has reached out to her at all. She was a member and she and her children were baptized there. No one, not even the pastor has even made an attempt to see how she was doing or pray with her and her family or anything.
    I am not angry. I am just hurting for my sister because she feels like the church has forgotten about her and has turned their backs on her. She was left homeless and it just seemed like no one cared. Her faith in God is strong enough to carry her through and helps her and her family to get by day to day, but I just want to know if the congregation is even aware.
    I am not trying to put down the church, or the pastor, I just want to talk to someone from the church, as the pastor will not return my emails and calls. Anyone reading this, feel free to contact me. Please put something related in the subject box because I tend to delete a lot of junk mail.
    Earlene Arnold

  4. nativenotes Says:

    I will pass the message along, if you do not hear anything please just contact me again!

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