Grand Theft Auto IV Hookers

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3 Responses to “Grand Theft Auto IV Hookers”

  1. yourcynicalbruh, esq. Says:

    Why are you passing the buck on hip hop? You’re being inconsistent. If you’re concern with helping out the black community and particiularly empowering the youth, why are you defending a medium that has consistently poisoned our kids minds with dreams of slinging and stunning on 24s.

  2. nativenotes Says:


    I see the esq. behind your name so I know you went to law school where they teach you to read carefully. i said “can we really continue to place all of the blame”. meaning that Hip-Hop is responsible for some but not all and its interesting how in the media Hip-Hop gets the worst rap while games like this exist. 1 for ced none for you and Im getting to you comment on the wear all black post@ hahah

  3. yourcynicalbruh, esq. Says:

    So let me get this straight becasue hollywood is doing the same thing we should give hip hop a pass? Come on. The truth of the matter is while violence and misogynism is prevelant in mainstream entertainment as it is in hip hop, when it comes to having an influence on OUR kids, Hip Hop has a much further reach and grasp on the minds and perspective OUR youth. Its sad but OUR kids aren’t trying to grow up to be superheros instead they are trying to be the next 50 or Jay z. If saving our community is your top priority you need to be ready to fight the battle on BOTH fronts–from within and the outside. 50 or Jay z calling your sister a bitch is just as detrimental as hollywood doing it.

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