R.I.P. Sean Bell


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2 Responses to “R.I.P. Sean Bell”

  1. FJ Says:

    So where is the Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton, in all of this? This travesty of justice happens in her state yet she’s conspicuously silent. Given that Black folks have all but kicked her to the curb, I would think she would at least feign concern to try to salvage some votes.

  2. Rum$ Says:

    Everyone is dumb founded by this incident?! Since when was the world ever fair and since when was the United States built for the equality of all people? I know as a black man in this crooked society Sean Bell is my every day reality… I am Sean Bell. 911 has been a joke and has failed to keep order on this planet since its creation… Unfortunately a young black man had to die for the world to empathize with the black man’s plight. Rest in Peace Sean Bell and all the innocent black men who are harassed and murdered unjustly by police officers (PIGS) with predetermined stereotypes. Open your eyes Black People! Open your eyes!

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