Barack Inspires


This is a very touching picture; it’s symbolic to me for so many reasons. I feel like I was that same little boy when Barack gave his speech at the Democrat National Convention and the headlines read “A Star is Born”.

I was that same young man when Barack won Iowa; a majority caucasian state. It showed me progress; it did not show me that we are there, but it said that we are rising.

Win, Lose, or Draw Barack Obama stands as a monument to young men and women of all cultures and creeds. He holds a special place in the hearts of young black men who have been assassinated in our society via the media, institutionalized racism coupled with our own mistakes. As I sit here writing this blog; I am still inspired, inspired by this image of a young black boy looking into the eyes of a transcendent leader and deep in his heart feeling YES WE CAN!


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3 Responses to “Barack Inspires”

  1. sbrooke Says:

    What an amazing photo!! Wow

  2. Shak Says:

    I agree! Black males have only had athletes and rappers to look up to, glorified by media as what it is to be to be a successful Black person. I often ask my students, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” And then I quickly have to say, “And if you say pro athelete, musician, or actor, I want you to tell me your backup career plans.” Now, I’ve got a bunch of middle school students walking around adorning Barack Obama buttons on their uniforms, and saying they want to be President, or a Senator, or back to the good old-fashioned lawyers, doctors, and teachers! This is the impact of Barack Obama, and this is why he needs to be our next U.S. President!!

  3. nativenotes Says:

    Shak I hear you and like I said win, lose, or draw (even though you know I’m for the win) Barack has inspired a lost generation. Like using the term lost is rough; its breath-taking, like did he just say that. Yeah I said it because I sit knee deep in the fears of our children. So I am elated that a man of color in my lifetime can affect so many souls the way Barack has. YES WE CAN!

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