Voting for Barack in the middle of Pennsylvania

Today is the day we have all been waiting for; Pennsylvania’s chance to weigh in on who should be the next leader of our country. For many reasons I support Barack Obama and today I woke up knowing I would be able to express my support utilizing my civic right as a citizen of this country.

Well what is the road to hope without a few setbacks? If we have learned anything from the Obama campaign, we have learned that when you are trying to do the right thing sometimes obstacles are presented and can throw you off your track a little. So I get to the polling station in Carlisle, P.A. and everyone was extremely nice; only one problem though, they did not have me as a registered democrat in the district where I live. Next, the lovely woman calls the local court house to verify that I am a registered Democrat in this particular precinct and eligible to vote, and the court’s response. NOPE! The room got real quiet and I became tempted to drive to Philadelphia because I NEEDED to cast my vote. Thankfully, like Obama’s campaign I pulled through this adversity and was able to vote using a paper ballot and I have the pictures to prove it. YES WE CAN! SI SE PUEDE!








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