Tired of Waiting for My Father

Today we have a piece that far too many black men can relate to from one of my favorite poets merged with a stunning photographer and artist; The Poet Nightday and Michael Wilson present Tired of Waiting for My Father. I hope you all enjoy!


Tired of waiting for my father

As I sit here on these steps waiting,
Eyes grow weak ,
Weak from tears that flow,
Flow for a perfect image lost.

Looking through a squint
Dreaming of a dead beat ready to become a man,
Fatigued from dreams becoming nightmares,
Drained from thoughts of lost promises.

Weary of lies spoken,
Falsehoods that make traps.
Body bushed from continues emotions stomped on
A rolling stone rolled over his son.

Finally understanding that this is the only option
To let go of the thought of a relationship,
Giving up unable to go on
The hope that was had fell from untamed skies.

Looking through these closed eyes
Closing is my only true escape,
Time to get up and move on
Its dark and I’m tired.

Tired of looking of down these streets
Waiting till the street lights come on
Finally realizing
That I am Tired of waiting for my Father.


You can purchase this book at any one of the following websites.




To view more artwork from Michael Wilson please click:

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9 Responses to “Tired of Waiting for My Father”

  1. sbrooke Says:

    Black men and black women can relate….one too many times waiting for my Dad. Decent piece Steve! Amazing photo as well.

  2. Night Day Says:

    The photo was taken by Michael Wilson, an amazing artist. HE has many pieces that will speak to all audiences

  3. Naomi Says:

    Good job Steven, and Michael. Wonderful collabo….

    Way too often of a situation. And although I’m excited that I feel the message being sent, I’m also saddened that this is a reality. As much as I hope that the subject of the photograph is sitting on the stoop looking anxious waiting for Mr. Softy, or is downstairs awaiting his punishment from his mom and dad for playing a joke on his sister…..that is probably not the case…

    Kudos for the awareness!

  4. CLC Says:


  5. Dream Parker Says:

    Lovely Poem, deep and powerful

  6. FA 06 Says:

    deep sun…deep

  7. Pinks Says:

    i wrote a piece a while back similar to this…i still haven’t gotten the gumption to read it in front of anybody

  8. replay Says:

    I thought long and hard before responding to this post. It was a good poem and great picture. Very gripping.

    But there is more tothe story than just men runing away from responsibility.
    In a society such as ours, where a woman can, and usually does gain control of hte children if there is a divorce, it is difficult for many men to feel like they have a part in the family. Often times men leave because the women are nasty. Often allmen hear are, “you’lol never see your kids again”, when an arguement breaks out. And that is often supported by the courts who do not give men equal standing in a custody case, but still want them to…”step up”…and pay. Men in resonse fell like it would be stupid to invest years and cash into something someone else can rip away, if she finds a man in another stae she would rather be with. Or they feel it is a wate of time to have to continue dwelling with a owman who is on a pwoer trip and has the full support of the law, regardless of how nasty she acts. And with that, when divorced, she often refuses to say anything positive about the father even if he is an ok guy. So in rewturn he feels it would be better if he exited the scene, rather than causes the child to endure those attacks. Compound that by the fact that when he does get tosee the child, the youngster has already heard so much negativity about hte man form the scronful mother, he sees no way of ever developing a real relationship wiht the baby.

    So while it is easy to point at men and say…’dead beat”..It usually has a very ugly spirited women in the mix somewhere.

  9. Solo Mom Says:

    I do agree that there is often tension between parents, I also agree that there are scornfull women out there. Sadly, however, there is a terrrible phenomena of men not understanding their roles and the importance of these roles as our children’s fathers and not understanding the ache and dishonor their neglect leaves behind. There are many of us who were left to fend for ourselves and OUR chidren, and only wish for the souls of our offspring that their fathers would take them to play ball and talk with them about life- it is NOT about money… It is about children growing up to be adults, YOUR children growing in to active citizens of our history. Most single mothers understand what is at risk, we look into the disappointed and heartbroken eyes of boys that will grow into men without ever fully understanding what it is to be a MAN. Real MEN do not leave there children- no matter the circumstance. It is their children that suffer, and their children’s children, and their children’s children, and their children’s children. Please don’t let an upset woman or a court system be the excuse for altering the history of man.

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