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5 Responses to “VOTE OBAMA”

  1. tonimwoods Says:

    VOTE HILLARY!!!!!!!!!! And, this is America; please refrain from using spanish…k, thanks!

  2. nativenotes Says:

    aww toni you’re still young. I will pray for you haha. And your right this is America, our beautiful melting pot where we have people who represent many different cultures and we embrace them. Boy that hillary sure will have us thinking negatively! VOTE OBAMA SI SE PUEDE

  3. CLC Says:

    Right…..this is America. Did she just ask you not to speak spanish? Why does ignorance ALWAYS prevail?

  4. 27thfloor Says:

    The polls are saying that Hillary is beating Obama in PA but I hope there’s an upset and he whhooooops Hillary’s butt. She has irked me to no end with her political tactics.

    Si se puede!

  5. tonimwoods Says:

    I’m pretty sure I’m older than you are, but thanks for the prayers…I will never refuse those!!!!!

    CLC: Go to Mexico or Latin America and speak your language…why do incessant morons continue to drone on and on?

    If Hillary wins today, which she must by double digits—-SHE HAS A CHANCE! Never underestimate the power of a Clinton!

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